In a nutshell

Simple to use and functional video baby monitor that is hack-free and gives peace of mind - but it lacks options for soothing your baby

What we tested

  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Sound and/or picture quality
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Signal range
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Design
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Simple to use, large screen size, good sound quality, remote control camera, not too bulky, talkback feature, hack-free


  • No light show, no colour changing nightlight, slightly grainy picture, flat-sounding lullabies, no motion sensor

Major telecommunications brand BT has brought out a number of baby monitors, so you’d have thought by now they would have cracked the perfect device.


With an RRP of £119.98, the Video Baby Monitor 6000 comes in at less than high ticket baby monitors like the Philips Avent UGrow Smart (£180) and the the Luvion Supreme Connect (£179.99), but more than the comparable BT Video Baby Monitor 5000 (£99.99).

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The BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 can however also be found on sale at the discounted price of £99.99 in select outlets.

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How does the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 differ from the other BT monitors?

The Video Baby Monitor 6000 is BT’s most expensive video baby monitor, and replaces the brand’s Video Monitor 7500 Lightshow model. Although it features an increased screen size of 5 inches (up from 3.5 inches), it no longer boasts a light show and 19-strong selection of lullabies along with nature sounds, womb sounds and white noise. In this respect it isn’t much different from the cheaper models, the 3000 and the 5000, apart from the larger display.

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Watch the BT Video Baby Monitor in action

What do you think about it not connecting to a smart device via an app?

It depends on how you want to use it. If it’s important to you that you can see your baby when you’re away from home, the app connectivity would be a must. However, if you’re simply looking for a baby monitor for domestic use, I can’t see the benefit of using an app to watch your baby or control the camera when you can do that from the 6000’s parent unit.

What is the sound quality like on the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000?

We live in a two-bedroom flat, so I can usually hear my baby crying wherever I am in relation to the nursery anyway. However, when I take it out with me on the balcony, the sound quality is good and I can hear my baby breathing as well as any other noises he makes very clearly.

What is the picture quality like on the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000?

The picture is clear, if slightly grainy compared to a modern smartphone camera, even at close range.

The fact that the screen size is large means the graininess isn’t really an issue, as you can still clearly see whether your baby’s chest rising as they breathe and whether they are asleep or awake, depending of course on the position of the camera.

How do baby monitor cameras work?

I took the parent unit outside with me once just to test the range and around 15 metres from the door, it stopped picking up the camera. This would be something to bear in mind if you wanted to use your baby monitor while in a large garden.

What’s the night vision quality like?

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the night vision camera. It is just as clear as the daytime image.

Is the temperature indicator accurate?

The temperature indicator seems to be quite accurate, as it mostly sits in line with my thermostat. However, it only deals with whole numbers rather than .5 of a degree.

Is it hack-free?

The BT Video Baby Monitor doesn’t connect to the internet, so presumably this makes it secure and safe from hacking.

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What do you think of the nightlight?

There is no soothing nightlight, unlike with the 7500 model. The only light on the camera unit is a dull orange light which is on whenever it’s plugged in. I need to use a second product that has a light show, better-sounding lullabies and nature sounds in my baby’s nursery.

How was it with background noise?

I live on a busy road, and the unit doesn’t seem to pick up the sound of the traffic. The noise-activated screen setting turns the screen on only if there is a louder, close-range sound.

How easy was it to set up/operate?

Once you take it out of its packaging, plug in the camera and switch everything on, the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 is ready to use. Set up couldn’t be simpler.

In terms of operation, it’s very easy once you have the hang of everything. Selecting a lullaby and a volume level, panning and tilting the camera, setting a reminder and switching to standby mode are all a doddle.

I like the discreet stand on the back of the parent unit, but I’d prefer the camera to securely attach to the side of the cot as I don’t want to have to mount it to the wall for an aerial view.

Unless you have a flat surface near the cot to stand it, you should expect to have to fix it to the wall. I’ve precariously balanced mine on the side of the cot, but it sometimes moves as my baby moved so this isn’t a solution.

It could stand in the cot, but that gives a very close up view of the baby and once he’s more mobile this won’t work either!

Tell us about the multi-coloured lights.

The side of the display does feature a red light if the battery is low, a blue light when it’s charging and a green light to show the camera is connected. Additional green and red lights flash up when the camera unit picks up noise, depending on the volume level.

What do you think of the talk back function?

The talkback function works well, however my baby is not particularly settled just by hearing my voice as he likes to see me and be held by me. Perhaps for babies older than four months, this would be a more useful feature.

Is it easy to clean?

The unit is very easily cleaned with an antibacterial wipe.

Is it easy to move about the house and transport?

I find both the parent unit and camera a good size, not too bulky and certainly not heavy. It’s easy to move around and would be fairly compact if you were packing it to take away on a trip as well. It lacks a carry case, but I have retained the screen protector in case I ever wish to transport it.

Would you recommend the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000?

I would recommend this monitor as long as you have another device that handles lights and lullabies, if they are must-haves for your baby’s nursery. The flat-sounding, polyphonic lullabies of the 6000 and the non-existent light show let it down. That said, the generous screen size, ease of use and ample range make it a decent baby monitor.

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How long do the batteries last? Do they last as long as advertised?

After charging the battery for around ten hours, the parent unit lasts for well over the stated four hour battery life with moderate use.

What do you think of the low battery indicator?

It behaves exactly how you would expect: the parent unit beeps from time to time when the battery is low, and the battery icon on the display turns red.

Is the unit or camera rechargeable? Does it charge quickly?

The camera has to be plugged in at all times. The parent unit is rechargeable and it takes 12 hours to recharge fully, but half an hour to give it a little bit of juice after the battery has gone completely flat. The charging cable for the parent unit isn’t very long, but it could still be used while charging if you are happy just to let the screen turn on when your baby makes a noise instead of wanting to check the picture regularly, as it might get annoying to do so if it’s not in arm’s reach.

MadeForMums verdict

The BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 is great for peace of mind while your baby sleeps. BT have scaled back on the large choice of lullabies and the light show, making it disappointing as a settling and soothing aid, but it performs well as a baby monitor with its large screen size and clear sound. Extra features like the remote control camera and noise-activated screen make it a very useful, if basic, device. It is also secure and hack-free for even more peace of mind.

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Product Specifications

ModelVideo Baby Monitor 6000
Signal typeDigital
Video screenYes
Movement sensor padNo
Range indoors250m
Range outdoors250m
Two-way talkbackYes
Night lightYes
Room temperature displayYes
Soothing lullabiesYes
Power supplyBattery and mains
Power supplyBattery and mains
  • Pan, tilt and zoom function
  • Infra red night vision
  • Wall mountable camera