In a nutshell

A sturdy, durable jogging pushchair that offers a smooth ride, excellent storage and straps that don’t twist or tangle.

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.


  • Sturdy, easy to push and steer, can be folded/unfolded one-handed, adjustable handlebar, straps don’t tangle, comfortable, great storage.


  • Quite expensive, doesn’t have a ‘top brake’.

Burley is an American company that began in 1978 by selling bike bags, then, shortly after, bike trailers.


Over the years, it has ridden into other territory and now sells lots of products that will help you enjoy the outdoors – like the Solstice Jogging Stroller.

Brand new to the UK market, it is the only buggy in the Burley collection and is being distributed through iconic bike makers Raleigh.

This award-winning buggy comes in at £400, putting it at the middle of the jogging buggy market when it comes to price.

And it’s pitched against other joggers like, the Baby Jogger City Mini (£249.95), Thule Urban Glide (£425), Bumbleride Speed 3 (£499), iCandy Peach All-Terrain (£640), Mountain Buggy's New Terrain (£500), Out N About Little Nipper (£235) and the Britax BOB Revolution Pro (£400).

The Burley Solstice is sold as a jogging buggy – how does it handle when jogging?

The Solstice is easy to use. When out jogging with my 8-month-old, Toby, we glide along effortlessly.

Well, he glides along effortlessly, while I pant and sweat.The front wheel is supposed to be locked when jogging but I find it easier to keep it unlocked because I jog along the promenade at the beach so need to be able to turn quickly to avoid rogue walkers, bikers, kids and dogs.

Pushing this buggy is really smooth. I’m not a big fan of the locked position as it means you can only go in a straight line and, like I’ve said, when I’m jogging, I need to be able to change course.

However, if you only need to go straight then I’m sure the lock feature would be great.

I’m a fair-weather jogger so you won’t find me pounding the pavements come rain or shine. But if you fancied running in the rain then you could buy the rain cover that’s sold separately.

If you get caught in the drizzle, the hood comes down low so your baby is mostly covered, and the material means that it’ll dry pretty quickly once you get indoors.

It’s also very comfortable to push (at a leisurely pace if you like) as it has a padded, adjustable handlebar, which is handy as my husband is much taller than me.

The reclining seat is also comfortable for Toby – as his ability to fall asleep whenever he’s in it proves.

The hood has 4 positions and offers excellent shade from the sun as it comes down very low. It has a zip, which means that it can be extended or retracted as desired.

There’s a peek-through window on the top of the buggy that has a magnetic flap, so I can check on Toby and also receive a cheeky grin if he fancies turning his head up to me.

How does it ride on different surfaces?

This buggy laughs in the face of uneven pavements, grass, stones, even sand. The larger ‘grippy’ wheels mean that it handles any surface with ease, and mounting curbs is also a doddle.

What are the brakes like?

There’s one footbrake that is easy to push down and release. The brake is strong and holds the buggy in place, even on hills.

One of my other buggies is the BOB Revolution Pro and that has a brake attached to the handlebar, which I think is a good feature for when I’m walking down hills.

It would be nice to see this feature included on the Solstice.

Are the tyres a good size for running?

The rear tyres are 16 inches and the front one is 12.5 inches, which are indeed a good size for running.

They keep the buggy sturdy, and the rubber has a good grip, so I’m confident when I’m out jogging that Toby is safe.

How is the Burley Solstice running buggy when using it around town?

It’s not designed to be used around town. While it’s easy to manoeuvre, its size means that narrow doorways to, say, shops and cafes are tricky to navigate.

Having said this, it’s great in the supermarket as the aisles are wide – and the huge storage basket underneath is a bonus to store all my shopping in.

Can you use the Burley Solstice as an everyday pushchair?

Absolutely. While it’s bulkier than most ‘everyday’ buggies (mainly due to the wheels), it fits fine in the boot of my Ford Focus and isn’t too cumbersome to get in and out.

If you have a small boot, you can simply detach the wheels so that it fits. Depending on whether Toby is awake or asleep in the car when we reach our destination, I’ve been alternating between putting him straight into the buggy and using the car seat adapter, which is very simple to use.

How durable is the Burley Solstice jogger?

Very. I have no doubt that this buggy will withstand the test of time. The frame is strong, the wheels stable and the hood is the exact opposite of flimsy.

Would you recommend it for use from birth?

No. Burleys advise that this buggy should be used from 6 months onwards. However, it is travel system-compatible with a car seat adapter, meaning it can be used with a newborn. But that’ll mean you’ll only be able to use it for a limited time, so it’s better suited to older babies.

What do you think of the folding system?

When I read that this buggy can be folded using only one hand, I thought, ‘Heard that one before!’

So imagine my delight when I discovered that this is actually true. I can even do it while holding Toby. You simply push a button, slide a lever on the handlebar and… Bob’s your uncle!

How compact is it when folded?

Given that it’s not a small buggy, it actually folds down to be more compact than you’d think.

If it weren’t for the chunky wheels, it would be quite compact. But I wouldn’t want the wheels to be smaller.

Other than being good for jogging, the larger wheels have another advantage: they keep the buggy off the ground when folded so that it can be wheeled instead of carried.

How easy is it to store?

I keep it stored in the boot of my car but, as it folds down neatly, it could be stored inside without it getting in the way too much.

And it can be stood on its side for more streamlined storage.

What is the Burley Solstice S.I.T.?

S.I.T. stands for ‘Spring Integrated Technology’ and relates to the Solstice’s seat harness.

It has a one-push release handle and elastic-loaded straps that move up and out of the way when unbuckled.

Burley’s theory is that this makes it easier to load and unload your baby in the seat.

I’d initially thought that this was a gimmick but it’s actually a great feature: it means the harness stays up when unclipped and won’t fall in between the seat or under baby, particularly seeing as Toby is going through the back-arching, I-will-not-allow-you-to-put-me-in-my-pushchair phase.

Not having to fiddle around with straps that aren’t cooperating is one less thing to contend with.

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What’s the storage like?

Amazing! The basket under the buggy is huge – it fits my nappy bag, baby carrier, my other little boy’s lunchbox, toys, jackets and other bits and bobs.

And if that’s not enough storage for you, there are pockets next to the seat and extra ones in the basket, which I find useful for beakers that I don’t want to leak.

I’ve used a lot of buggies over the years and this one, hands-down, has the best storage.

Is the buggy good value for money?

Yes. While you could certainly buy a cheaper jogging buggy – it really is an excellent product.

What’s in the box?

  • Pushchair
  • Three wheels

Was it easy to assemble?

Yes. I am the world’s worst person at constructing things, and usually have to enlist the help of my husband.

But this buggy is so simple, and the instructions so clear, that with a few clicks to secure the wheels, it was assembled.

High-five to me (OK, high-five to Burley for creating a brilliant product), then you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

What additional extras can you buy?

  • Car seat adapter
  • Bunting bag
  • Handlebar console
  • Weather shield
  • Snack bowl and cup holder - Rolling travel case

MadeForMums Verdict:

I love this buggy. And everyone who’s pushed Toby in it (my husband, my dad, some friends) have all loved it, too.

The general consensus is: “Ooh, it’s easy to steer, isn’t it?” It’s durable yet light, and easy to manoeuvre.

It’s great that it can be used as an everyday buggy as well as a jogging one.

The storage is incredible and the one-handed folding/unfolding mechanism is a dream come true.

A big thumbs-up for the Burley Solstice Jogging Stroller.


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Product Specifications

ModelSolstice Jogging Stroller
Suitable for
Child age (approx)6 months to 6 years
Child weightUp to 25kg
Child HeightUp to 112cm
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:103cm W:63.5cm L:99cm
Dimensions (folded)H:26.6cm W:48cm L:83cm
Travel system compatibleYes
Seat facing directionForward facing and parent facing (with carrycot/car seat)
Tyre typeAir filled tyres
Wheel size (front)12.5in
Wheel size (back)16in
Recline positionsMulti-position
Lie flatYes
  • one-handed fold allows for easy and quick folding even if holding your child
  • The automatic locking mechanism allows the stroller to be folded and locked all in one motion
  • Wheels keep the stroller off the ground when folded allowing you to roll instead of carry the stroller
  • Padded spring integrated technology ( s,I,T,™) Seat prevents tangled straps and simplifies getting your little one in and out of the stroller
  • The s,I,T
  • Seat is also machine washable
  • Seatback can be adjusted with one hand
  • The single centered adjustment strap ensures a level recline for the child and offers enhanced seating comfort in any position
  • Extendable padded handlebar creates the perfect fit for parents of all heights
  • As the handlebar raises it also moves outward
  • Allowing for increased stride length
  • Easy to use knob allows for quick locking of the front 12” swivel wheel
  • Allow the wheel to swivel for excellent maneuverability or lock it for increased stability while jogging or when strolling on rough terrain,
Accessories includedRain cover
Optional extras
  • Car seat adapter
  • Bunting bag
  • Handlebar console
  • Weather shield
  • Snack bowl and cup holder
  • Rolling travel case