Celebrity baby carriers and slings – who’s wearing what

Hands-free, buggy-free baby transport is being lapped up by celeb mums and dad. Find out which famous faces are wearing their babies...


Baby carrier know-how

There are plenty of reasons why you might choose to use a baby carrier or sling, and whether it’s because your fave celeb is doing it or you just think it makes perfect sense, there’s some key info you need to read before you spend any cash or follow in any celeb’s footsteps…
First off, we share the essential buying advice for baby carriers and baby slings, as well as whether you need to opt for a front or back baby carrier. We also reveal 10 of the best baby carriers around. On a serious note, we take a non-nonsense look at sling safety concerns, plus show you how to wear a sling safely.
Now to the fun part! Find out which celebrity mums and dads are going hands-free with their baby or toddler, or who’s using the same carrier as you…


Baby Bjorn Carrier – David Cameron and Pink

For many celebs, the carrier of choice comes from Baby Bjorn’s range.

Prime Minister David Cameron has been snapped on dad-duty carrying baby Florence around in one.

Most recently, punk princess Pink has been seen out and about with daughter Willow Sage safely tucked in a Baby Bjorn carrier.

They’re not the only celebs to favour Baby Bjorn carriers. Style icon and mum-of-three Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen using a Baby Bjorn carrier, as have Ashlee Simpson, Heidi Klum, Tori Spelling and Kate Blanchet.

With such a huge range of carriers, it’s easy to see why this brand is spotted out so frequently! Read our reviews to help you decide the best carrier for you and your baby or toddler:

Hollywood dad Orlando Bloom carries around adorable son Flynn in an ERGOBaby Carrier

ERGObaby carrier – Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly

Doting dad and Hollywood star Orlando Bloom is happy to been seen carrying baby son Flynn around in the ERGOBaby carrier.

So too is the super-private actress and Lost star Evangeline Lilly, who has been carrying son Kahekili Kali in a cranberry coloured ERGOBaby.

Other celeb ERGObaby wearers are Gisele Bundchen, Ethan Hawke, Julia Roberts, Amanda Peet and Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford.

The ERGOBaby is designed to carry and support your baby with hips and spine in an anatomically correct way. For more info, head to our ERGOBaby carrier review.

90210 star Ian Zierling has been spotted taking his little one for a stroll in Beverly Hills

Britax Baby Carrier – Ian Zierling and Laila Ali

The Britax Baby Carrier has been seen out and about on the front of celebs…

Star of Beverly Hills 90219, Ian Zierling, has been spotted with a Britax carrier taking his little one for a stroll in… Beverly Hills!

Mum and professional boxer Laila Ali has been seen out and about with daughter Sydney in one, as have ER star Erik Palladino and The OC actress Autumn Reeser.

The Britax Baby Carrier has a feature called ‘CarryLong’, which distributes your baby’s weight across the shoulders, back and hips. This carrier lets you carry a toddler that weighs up to 14.5kg in the front position.

We spotted this great carrier at the world’s biggest baby and children’s fair, Kind+Jugend 2011. It’s in the USA right now, and will appear in Britax’s UK/European range in 2012. See what other must-have products that we spotted at the fair that you’ll be loving next year.

The Piggyback Rider Harness is a breath of fresh air for parents of multiples

Piggyback Rider Harness – Liev Schrieber and Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott

We want to have a go! Yes, the Piggyback Rider Harness, which celebs have been spotted using, looks like it’d be fun, if only it could work for adult passengers!

Leiv Schrieber has been out and about in New York carrying his 4-year-old son, Sasha, around on his back.

Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott has been using the carrier to transport his little ones around. Tori loved it so much that she even mentioned the Piggyback Rider in her blog. Tori has also been seen using the Sakura baby sling.

Big in the states, the Piggyback Rider harness is suitable for children aged 2 to 7 years. It’s worn like a backpack and means you can keep an upright walking posture whist wearing it. The harness has a shoulder-mounted footbar for your child to stand on, handles and safety straps. The best thing about this carrier is because your kids get to stand up, they’re more engaged in what’s going on around them.

Want to snap one up? Go to the Piggyback Rider website for stockists or try The Great Little Trading Company.


[NB: image here is not of a celebrity mentioned above, it is a general image of the product in use only]

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