In a nutshell

A great product for adventure-loving families and anyone who wants to ditch the stroller but still needs a backup for their tired preschooler

What we tested

  • Comfort for baby
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for you
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Design
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Sturdiness
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.


  • Well-designed, comfortable for your child and you, easy to use, quality material


  • Expensive for occasional use, not waterproof

The biggest offering in Tula’s collection of premium baby and child carriers, the Preschool Carrier is the next step up from the brand’s Toddler Carrier and can fit your growing child up to 31.8kg. It’s perfect for families who have had a great baby wearing experience and would like it to continue, past the weight range offered in other carriers, without having to look into bulky, framed options, or a shoulder carrier like the Minimeis G4.


The Tula Preschool carrier looks as stylish as the others in the range, comes in fabulous prints and features an extra layer and strategic stitching, for extra strength.

Priced at £129.90, the Tula Preschool Carrier, sits in eth middle of the 3-5years carrier market, with the premium LennyLamb preschool carrier, £194.80, at the top end and the Beco toddler carrier at the slightly cheaper price of £115.

Tested by

Rachael Sharpe tested the Tula Preschool Carrier with her 3-year-old son, Dylan, putting it through its paces out and about around Exeter city and also for longer dog walks in parks and countryside.

Tula Preschooler carrier

What were your first impressions?

My son, Dylan and I loved the standard Tula baby carrier we used from birth (with newborn insert at first) until he was 2-years-old and too big for it. So, unboxing the Tula Preschool Carrier, which looks pretty much identical – just bigger – was very exciting.

In the box, there is simply the Tula Pre-School carrier, an extra-large sleep hood and an instruction manual. Dylan couldn’t wait to get in it, and it was a whole minute before he was strapped on to my front in the living room.

I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was after adjusting the plump padded straps – my son is big for his age too and in size 4-5 clothes – and I was happily able to oblige to dancing to the Early Man soundtrack with him on my front!

How easy is it to put your toddler in and get them out of the Tula Preschool Carrier?

It’s super easy to use on your front – you just thread the strap through the safety elastic, clip on around your waist, adjusting for size, then pop your child on your front (easier when they’re this age as they’ll just cling on to you) pop the straps on and do up the safety catch.

I found getting my son onto my back in the carrier was much harder. Despite him being able to easily clamber on my back as if it were a piggyback ride, I just couldn’t get the straps on. I remembered I had exactly the same issue when he was small, so I tried the technique I used then – putting him in the carrier on my front, then twisting it round to my back with him in, changing the straps as I go. This worked well for us, so it’s how I’ve continued to use it, unless my husband has been home to give a helping hand.

Tula Preschool carrier

How comfortable did your child find the Tula Preschool Carrier?

Dylan was super comfortable, with his arms both in and out of the carrier and on my front and back. He is so secure in the carrier, I immediately felt confident enough to take my puppy for a walk, while carrying Dylan, even though this requires bending over to clean up after the pup.

The carrier is designed for kids age 3-4 upwards of 15kg (a maximum weight of 31kg), and I’d say this is spot on for average sized children, although I think my son would have fitted in it a little earlier, as he’s big for his age.

A number of parent reviews on the Tula website claim their pre-schoolers regularly fall asleep in the carrier, so that says a lot about the comfort levels, too!

How comfortable is the Tula Preschool Carrier to wear?

I personally found it more comfortable to carry my pre-schooler on my back, rather than my front, but that wasn’t because of I personally found it more comfortable to carry my preschooler on my back, rather than my front, but that wasn’t because of the weight of him (this is comfortably distributed), just the size of him plus my chest made it feel cumbersome.

On my back though, he felt light and it was a fun way to carry him. It quickly became known as “the carry cuddle” in our house. My husband tried it too – he’s large build and 6ft in height – and was comfortable.

The shoulder straps are very padded and the website states this “provides optimal neck and shoulder comfort”. One Tula parent review said the preschool carrier was comfortable enough to wear their 4-year-old for extended periods of time, and even their 7-year-old for shorter walks.

What are the safety features of the Tula Preschool Carrier?

Obviously, safety is hugely important with any baby, toddle or preschool carrier, and the Tula features an extra-large panel to give your child excellent support. It measures 51x50cm and is reinforced with an extra layer and strategic stitching. I never for a moment doubted my son’s safety, while he was in it.

Is the Tula Preschool Carrier ergonomic?

Yes, the carrier provides natural, ergonomic positions in both the back and front carry modes, for even very long walks.

Tula Preschool carrier

How easy is it to clean?

I’ve washed the Tula Preschool Carrier in my washing machine and dried on an airer and it looks brand new still. I used to frequently wash my older Tula carrier and after 2 years of use that still looks great – so I fully expect this one to look good for the duration of its time in service!

Is the Tula Preschool Carrier waterproof?

No. Due to the nature of the reinforced structure of the carrier, it’s not available in a waterproof material. The 100% cotton fabric used is very soft though.

Does the Tula Preschool Carrier have any extra features?

The carrier comes with a handy zip-up pocket at the front of the waistband, which is useful for storing keys or some money when you’re out and about. It also has a removable hood and is made out of breathable cotton.

What did you find the Tula Preschool Carrier most useful for?

I find the carrier is great as a backup for when Dylan is out and about and feels too tired to walk or ride his bike home. It’s also perfect for longer dog walks and will be incredibly useful when we go skiing, as walking through the snow uses a lot of his energy.

How does the Tula Preschool Carrier compare to similar carriers?

Product nameWeight allowanceNumber of carry positionsPrice
Tula Preschool CarrierFrom 15.9kg to 31.8kg2: front facing in and back£129.90
LennyLamb Preschool CarrierFrom 1 year to 30kg2: front facing in and back£194.80
Beco Toddler CarrierFrom 9kg to 27kg2: front facing in and back£115

Where can you buy the Tula Preschool Carrier?

It’s available at Tula, Amazon and Sling Spot.


MadeForMums verdict:

I think at preschool age most children, like my son, are very active, so this product is probably best as an alternative to pushing a stroller that is usually empty – I haven’t used our Cosatto Woosh once since we’ve had the Tula Preschool Carrier on test. At £129 its not cheap for occasional use, but it’s very well made and worth the money. Now I’ve tested it, I wish I’d have gotten one a bit earlier – I just didn’t expect it to be so ergonomic with a bigger child and expected some back ache, but I’ve had none! If you are an outdoorsy family especially, it’s worth every penny.

Product Specifications

ModelPreschool Carrier
Suitable for
Child weight16kg to 31.8kg
Washing instructionsMachine washable
Carrying positionsBack and front – 2
  • Extra large carrier panel (20.1" x 19.8")
  • Supportive design
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder straps
  • Multiple ergonomic positions
  • Easy to adjust design
  • Hip belt measures 5" tall and 28" wide - added webbing  extends waistband total of 61" long