In a nutshell

Compact, lightweight buggy with lovely style details. The seat might not be right for all though, as it's recline mechanism is tricky

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 2.5 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.1 out of 5.


  • Lightweight, easy opening and closing, looks very sleek, one-handed fold


  • Seating too small for larger babies and toddlers, doesn’t allow to be completely upright when a child is seated in the stroller

About the Cosatto Woosh XL

  • Age suitability: From birth (with extra carrycot or car seat) to 25lg (approx 5 years)
  • Dimensions: 40x62x52cm (folded)
  • Weight: 6.8kg (frame only)
  • Key features: Adjustable calf support, extendable hood, front and rear suspension, one-handed fold
  • RRP: £279.95

Billed as a sophisticated stroller with serious baby benefits, the Woosh XL is the latest from British brand Cosatto’s quirky range that includes a ‘pushchair pal’ toy to entertain and comfort your little one.

Available in three lovely designs (Hop to It, Mr Fox and Nordik), the Woosh XL really does stand out with some great details.

It is a compact, lightweight stroller that can be used with a carrycot or car seat from birth, up to a whopping 25kg (approximately 5 years).


With such versatility it is comparable to other lightweight buggies, such as the Babyzen Yoyo or the UPPAbaby Minu, but with an RRP of just under £280, it is much cheaper than those, and in the style stakes it occupies a spot all by its own.

How we tested the Woosh XL

Michelle tested the Woosh XL with her 2-year-old grandson in a shopping centre with busy pre-Christmas shoppers.

You can buy the Cosatto Woosh XL from Cosatto directly, or Trendy Baby

What were your first impressions of the Cosatto Woosh XL?

I chose the Mr Fox design and was very impressed. It came in a very light and compact box. The Woosh looked absolutely stunning. The colour coordinated bronze chassis complements the brown seating pack and hood. The 5-point harness is brown and orange which works really well too. Even the hood had a lovely fox design - these touches immediately made the stroller stand out in the style stakes.

How does it compare to other buggies I have used?

In terms of compactness and ease of use the Cosatto is one of the better buggies I have used. It glides effortlessly across a range of different terrains and the lightness in design makes it very easy to push.

What age is the Woosh XL suitable for?

You can purchase an additional carrycot or use the Woosh XL with an infant car seat, so with those option it is suitable from birth. However, the included seat is suitable from 6 months and for a growing toddler. It is tested to an impressive 25kg (approximately 5 years), but I am not sure whether in reality you would want to use it for such a large child (more on which later).


How easy is it to fold/unfold?

What was great was how easy it was to open, you just release the safety locks on each side and with one hand it pulls into position.


Closing was just as simple, with one click of the grey button on the underside of the handle bar. The stroller folds with ease, and you can do it all with one hand. This is one of the Woosh XL’s best selling points - it is so simple to use.

Does it fit into the boot of the car?

It does indeed. We loaded the Woosh XL into the boot with relative ease, it slotted in nicely leaving room for other bags and shopping.


How lightweight is it?

The Woosh XL’s frame weighs a light 6.8kg, making it one of the lightest buggies I’ve used. I held it folded with one hand and it didn’t feel uncomfortable.

How easy was the Woosh XL to push?

It pushed like a dream, smooth and very easy, I navigated the aisle of a very busy store with relative ease. Busy traffic, small aisles, lifts and elevators, were easy to tackle without causing disruption to other customers.


How does it ride on different surfaces?

The Woosh XL coped quite well with all sorts of different surfaces, although I didn’t take it ‘off road’. It does have front and rear wheel suspension, so it’s better at coping with bumps than other lightweight strollers.


How easy was it to store?

Because of its compact design, the Woosh XL is easy to store. It is compact enough to be placed in a small storage cupboard or in a corner with out it being in the way.

Is the frame durable?

Yes, very much so. Because the frame is so lightweight I was pleasantly surprised that the chassis and the frame felt so robust.

What do you think of the handle bar?

The handle bar has a nice soft grip that belies its sturdiness, it also doubles as the buggy’s closing mechanism and it looks good.

What do you think of the seat?

The seat is stylish and nicely padded, so quite a comfortable ride. However, I did have a lot of difficulty when trying to adjust the seat rest; it took me ages to work out how to get the seat from flat to upright.

When I did finally work out how to pull the seat upright, I was amazed at how simple it was. It has a draw string function that allows you to pull the seat from flat to upright.

Unfortunately I found that with my grandson, who incidentally is quite a small 2 year old, the seat back didn’t raise fully upright, leaving him seated at quite an awkward position. The seat size was OK for now, but I don’t think it would be suitable for a bigger child or for long term use. Also his feet were already touching the footrest even in the reclined position that he was in.


Because the seat couldn’t adjust to a proper upright position it made my little one look like he had outgrown already.

The Cosatto boasts that it can carry an impressive 25kg (around 5 years), but in reality I don’t think that would be the case. I wouldn’t recommend this stroller for kids much beyond 18 months.

What did you think of the recline position?

This is another feature that let the stroller down. It has an innovative draw string mechanism to adjust the recline positions, but unfortunately if you have a bigger child this, does not work well and leaves your child sitting at an uncomfortable angle.


The seat back mechanism felt quite flimsy and I felt that it would keep slipping back into the lie-flat position.

How comfortable was it for you little one?

Clay was ok in the seat, but he did not like the fact that he couldn’t sit upright and fidgeted quite a bit until he got comfortable.

Did you appreciate the 'baby-pleasing' patterns that are Cosatto's USP?

I thought the Mr Fox design made the stroller. It’s an innovative idea to make much of the fabric - with a matching toy - to keep smaller children amused and focused. I don’t think that this is too colourful or busy for the overall finish of the stroller.

How is interacting with your little one when in the buggy?

It’s not that easy to interact with your passenger, as the seat is only world facing. However, the hood has a window, so you can keep an eye on your baby while in motion.

What do you think of the hood?

The hood is nice and colourful and integrates well with the rest of the stroller. It has a small storage pouch in the shape of a fox and a window so that you can keep an eye on your little one. It’s quite large and would easily protect against the elements - and it has a fantastic baby-entertaining pattern on the inside.


Tell us about the brakes?

The brakes are strong and engaged with a foot pedal.

Is the basket big enough to store everything you need?

The basket is a decent size, stores quite a bit of shopping, but access is not that easy. It has a flap mechanism that hides your shopping, but it’s a bit fiddly to get to in a hurry.


Is the Cosatto Woosh XL compatible with a car seat?

Yes. The Woosh XL can be used with the Dock 0+ car seat (£199.95), but you will also need to buy adaptors.


Cosatto describes the Woosh XL as “luxury” – did you get the impression of luxury when using it?

Aesthetically yes. Because of its distinctive colours and chassis, you get the impression that it is high end. However when you use it, it becomes obvious that some bits are not as luxurious. The seating is the biggest problem. Its disappointing adjust and recline positions really let it down, and Cosatto really needs to take larger children into account a bit more.

What’s in the box?

  • Wheels
  • Bumper bar
  • Pushchair pal toy
  • Cup holder
  • Rain cover

What additional accessories are available/needed?

  • Changing bag (£69.95)
  • Footmuff (£69.95)
  • Carrycot (£89.95)
  • Dock infant car seat (£199.95)

Is it easy/hard to build the product?

Because it is already assembled and all you have to do is add the wheels, you can literally unbox and go in a matter of minutes. The instructions failed when trying to find the seat position changes. This proved to be very annoying and I had to go online to find out exactly how to change the recline.

What would you have liked to have known before you purchased this item?

I would like to have known that this stroller is not really suitable for larger toddlers.

MadeForMums verdict

This is a lovely stylish lightweight buggy that’s super easy to fold. Unfortunately, we didn’t get on with the seat at all, as it was too reclined - even when most upright - and so my little one couldn’t get comfy. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend this for older toddlers.

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Product Specifications

ModelWoosh XL
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth (with carrycot/cocoon) to 5 years – From birth (with additional carrycot) to 25kg (approx 5 years)
Child weightUp to 25kg
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions (folded)H:40cm W:62cm L:52cm
Seat facing directionForward facing
Front wheelsLockable swivel
Recline positionsMulti-position – Gradual recline
  • Compact one-handed fold
  • Stylish
  • Baby-pleasing patterns
  • Gradual recline with near-flat position
  • Travel system compatible
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Extendable sun visor
  • Adjustable calf support
Accessories includedCup holder, pushchair pal, rain cover, bumper bar
Optional extrasChanging bag (£69.95), footmuff (£69.95), carrycot (£89.95), dock infant car seat (£199.95)