In a nutshell

A well-designed running buggy with effective wheels, an easy fold, and great handling, as well as a decent storage basket

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.


  • Easy to manoeuvre, stable wheels and frame, good-sized shopping basket, smart design, easy-to-remove wheels, easy to fold


  • Very big, no zipped storage, pushbar awkward for two-handed use, ineffective handbrake

Cybex introduced the Avi running buggy this year, alongside the multi-functional Zeno trailer, forming its new Sports collection. The range takes the popular brand ­– known for its swish, reliable car seats and stylish pushchairs like the Priam and Mios – into a new arena that targets parents combining exercise and childcare.


The Avi is a traditional 3-wheeled running buggy, while the more expensive Zeno can be used for running (pushed or pulled), cycling and even skiing.

The Avi may look fairly similar to a standard everyday pushchair, but it has unique features to make it suitable for moving safely at speed, such as large wheels, a fixed front wheel and a wideset base.

However, these same features make it a less appealing everyday buggy, so for many parents it’ll be something to consider as an additional purchase rather than a day-to-day, go-to.

Tested By:

Christy is a journalist of 20 years, specialising in parenting products, retail and travel. She tested the buggy with her baby son, aged between 13-16 months, in the London suburbs, jogging around local parks, on grass and pavements.

Christy has tested a variety of buggies for running distances of 5-13km over the past 8 years, including the Out ‘n’ About Nipper Sport and the Nipper 360 Double, the Bugaboo Runner (now discontinued) and the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double.

What were your first impressions?

I’ve had a good experience of Cybex, having tried out their popular Priam and used both the Cloud Z with base, and the Pallas M Fix with our children. I’ve always found the brand to be really high-quality, well-made and easy to use. I was curious to see how it would compare to other running buggies I’ve tried.

My first impressions of the Avi were that the wheels are huge! This is much like my current dedicated running buggy the Nipper Sport, and an important feature for running stability, but might be a surprise if you’re not expecting them.

I was pleased to notice was that it comes with an under-seat basket included, and thought the colours were cute (if not to everyone’s taste).

The Cybex Avi is sold as jogging buggy – how does it handle when jogging?

I tested the Avi on pavements around town and in the park, where it rode like a dream, and was pleased to find it could even handle the long, uncut grass in the park.

As you’d expect from a buggy with ginormous and wideset wheels, air-filled tyres and rear suspension, the Avi handles really well. It’s very smooth to push and even to mount curbs takes minimal effort.

As with any fixed front wheel (essential for stability), you have to slightly raise it off the ground by lowering the pushbar when you want to turn. Because the Avi’s aluminium frame is so long, it feels quite light to raise the wheel and steer – a real plus as this method of turning can feel quite strange if you’re used to a swivel wheel buggy.

Is the pushbar comfortable to use?

When I push the pushbar with 1 hand, it’s quite comfortable for short runs. However, when pushing with both hands I found my left-hand fingers had to grip around the handbrake fixture, which became uncomfortable after a while.

cybex avi

The handbrake is attached to the left side of the pushbar, rather than the centre. This means my left hand has to grip the brake as well as the pushbar, which feels quite restrictive.

Cybex have designed it with 1-handed use in mind (to free up your other arm for a more natural swinging motion), but I’d prefer it to be more comfortable for both hands as well.

The pushbar itself is also quite hard and not well-padded, so I wonder if your fingers might ache on long runs.

Is the Cybex Avi’s pushbar adjustable?

Yes, you can easily adjust it by unclipping the large grey clip at the bottom of the pushbar and moving the bar up or down. Then you lock it back into place. It’s simple to do, but you couldn’t do so on the move.

The pushbar does have a really good height range, and I found setting it in around the middle was comfortable for me (I’m 5’ 8”).

How does the Cybex Avi compare to the Nipper Sport?

They are both large, well-designed running buggies in my opinion, but I did notice a few differences.

  • First, the difference in wheel size – the Avi’s wheels are thinner and considerably larger than the Nipper Sport’s. While the Sport’s 16” wheels are all the same size, the Avi’s 18” rear wheels are larger than the front one (like the Thule Glide 2).
  • The Avi seat feels more supportive and well-padded compared to the Sport. The Sport’s seat is bouncier and less structured.
  • The Nipper Sport’s seat can be raised to an almost upright position, whereas the Avi seat cannot sit completely upright.
  • Surprisingly, the Avi does not come with a bumper bar, unlike the Nipper Sport. This feature is pretty common on standard everyday pushchairs, and one I would particularly expect to see on a running buggy for extra protection.

How do you fold the Cybex Avi?

The fold is pretty simple. Despite the manufacturer’s claims that the Avi can be folded with 1 hand, I’d say it’s a 2-handed affair, but it’s easy to do. As the seat can’t be removed, you always fold it with the seat attached.

  • Make sure the seat is upright and the hood is folded back.
  • Fold the handlebar back down, making sure it’s flat against the exterior back of the seat unit.
  • Lift up the flap by the footrest, squeeze the two buttons there, and the pram will fold into place.
  • There is a clip on the side that will keep it locked in the folded position
  • MadeForMums tip: If you find it doesn’t lock, double check that you’ve pushed the handlebar as flat against the back of the seat as it can possibly go.

How do you unfold the Cybex Avi?

  • Unclip the locking clip – I find it a little tricky to apply enough pressure while holding the bulky folded buggy.
  • Once unlocked, it simply unfolds and clicks into place.
  • Unfold the pushbar and lock it into the height you prefer.

How compact is the stroller when folded?

Size is what makes this a great running buggy, so it’s unsurprisingly large even when folded, measuring L89cmxW58.5cmxH25cm with the wheels off, and comparable to the Nipper Sport at L90cmxW48cmxH29cm (also with the wheels removed).

When folded, the Avi is slightly shorter by a couple of inches and, lower to the ground, but unfolded, the Nipper is slightly shorter. They’re both large pushchairs, but worth measuring if space is an issue and you need to fit it into a particular space to travel or store.

cybex avi

Cybex does sell the Avi as an “ultra-compact fold”, but this is with all 3 wheels removed. To be fair, the rear wheels pop off at the touch of a button, but the front wheel means a fiddlier task of unwinding a lever, which I wouldn’t bother with regularly.

How easy is it to store?

We store the Avi, in our dining room (not ideal!), and even folded, it takes up a bit of space as there’s no way around those massive wheels.

Is the Cybex Avi easy to carry when folded?

There’s no obvious part to hold onto when you are lifting the Avi, which is a shame as it’s not light or small. I’m glad it locks into place, so it doesn’t unfold as I lift it, but it’s cumbersome to carry.

By comparison, the Nipper Sport’s bumper bar acts as a useful carry handle because it’s at the top of the folded buggy, so you don’t have to lift it far off the ground.

How heavy is the Cybex Avi?

The Avi is 10.6kg (similar to the 10.8kg Thule Glide 2), and although it’s lovely to steer, it feels heavy and bulky to carry. This is mainly because there are no obvious handholds, so you really feel the full weight of it when you pick it up. The Nipper Sport is only slightly lighter at 9.8kg, but its bumper bar makes lifting and carrying it much easier.

How easy is it to assemble?

Fixing the front wheel correctly looked a bit daunting, so I used the link to the tutorial video. At first, I couldn’t find the video, but a quick call to the friendly Cybex Helpline revealed that you should click on the overview at the top of the page ­– you’ll then see the video in a drop-down menu.

Otherwise, the instructions are pretty standard for buggies today – mainly illustrations which I think would be clearer with some written explanations. For example, you need to thread a plastic tube through the seat hem to attach it to the frame – there’s no way I’d have understood that without the video.

I found this part, and clipping it on to the frame, quite fiddly. But otherwise it was very easy to put together. It took me around an hour to build in total, including attaching the sun canopy, but I’d say quite a bit of time was spent waiting for the instructional video to unfreeze and buffer.

What’s the seat unit like on the Cybex Avi?

It feels well-padded and supportive, and my baby (who’s wearing size 2-3 years clothing) looks quite comfy in it.

Having no bumper bar makes it very easy to put him in the seat, but I feel he does look quite vulnerable, as the only barrier between him and the path ahead are the straps. I’d like a bumper bar as an additional safety measure, even though I don’t run fast.

It’s designed for children aged 6 months to 22kg (around 4 years old), and I can see it being suitable for that age range as seems big enough.

Can the seat unit face both directions?

No. The seat is forward-facing only, and doesn’t detach, but as you can only use it from 6 months, I don’t think this is an issue – my son loves being able to see the path ahead now he’s a bit older.

cybex avi

How do you recline the seat on the Cybex Avi?

You adjust the seat by squeezing the clasp at the back and lowering it down to whatever angle you choose. It’s easy to do with one hand and reclines to a decent angle for my 15-month-old’s naps, but it’s definitely not flat so I can see why it’s unsuitable for a newborn.

Raising the seat back up is a 2-handed job, as you have to grip the clasp with one hand and pull the strap through it with the other, while using your arm (or knee) to help push the seat up. It’s simple, but the clasp is quite stiff so a little annoying and feels heavy when my baby is in the seat.

The adjustable seat doesn’t sit completely upright, which some toddlers and older children may find frustrating particularly when it’s stationary, as most want to sit upright for the best view. I found it doesn’t bother my son at this age as I usually time my run with his naps, but when he stops napping this might annoy him.

Is the 5-point harness on the Cybex Avi easy to adjust?

Really easy. You just need to slide the top of the strap up or down the 2 separate straps attached to the back of the seat, until it’s exactly the right height. This was particularly handy when my baby fell asleep mid-run, and I wanted to adjust the straps as I reclined the seat.

cybex avi

It’s also pretty easy to adjust the length of the straps, you just need to feed the excess strap through the clasp, although it is easier to do it with an empty buggy than with a baby inside.

The harness release button is a good size, with a large round button to quickly release the straps. And if you’re strapping a wriggly toddler back in, it’s made easier to do as you can strap one side in at a time.

Could you use the Cybex Avi as an everyday buggy?

If you are very keen on running and can’t afford both an everyday and dedicated running pushchair, the Avi is a possible but not ideal option.

The features that make it smooth and stable for exercise (long frame, large and wideset wheels, a fixed front wheel) make it a very bulky stroller to manoeuvre around town – and you can forget about popping into the corner shop. It’s designed for running and feels best when you’re doing just that. When I’m walking along with it, I naturally notice the bulk of it much more.

As well as being smaller and nippier, an everyday buggy that’s suitable from birth – the Avi is for 6-months and up – will generally give you a parent-facing option (great for eye-contact with your newborn), and the seat often detaches for a more compact fold. If you’re looking for a great pushchair to use from birth, this round-up of strollers suitable for newborns is a good place to start.

Is the pushchair stylish?

I think it looks really smart overall. The seat unit we received came in very Insta-pretty shades of baby pink and light grey. Super cute but not to everyone’s taste I’d imagine, just like the cute trainer lace design on the sun canopy. I also like the fact it has reflective details around the hood and wheels.

I was disappointed, however, to see that the black matte handlebar had arrived with part of the coating scratched off, showing quite obviously the silver metal beneath.

What is the hood like on the Cybex Avi?

I like the ventilated panel on top of the hood, as it looks really airy and means I can peek at my baby as we walk along. The sneaker style lace up detail above it at the back of the head is also quite cute.

cybex avi

The hood does give quite good coverage overhead, but the space at the front is quite exposed, so always worth taking the rain cover in case you get caught in a shower.

Does the fixed front wheel make jogging easier with this buggy?

Yes, definitely. Having a fixed front wheel takes some getting used to (compared to the standard swivel wheel of our UppaBaby Cruz V2), but it keeps the pushchair more stable when you move quickly. It’s a running essential, as it means if you go over any bumpy ground the buggy is much less likely to overturn.

cybex avi

How effective are the brakes on the Cybex Avi?

Very. The brake is positioned in the centre of the chassis’ lower bar, so you can reach it easily with either foot. It’s easy to press on and off, flip-flop friendly as you press down to lock or release it, and the buggy feels like it won’t budge.

How effective is the handlebar-mounted brake lever?

I was surprised to find that although the handbrake governs speed a little, it doesn’t bring the buggy to a complete stop (as the Nipper Sport and Bugaboo Runner do). We live in a suburban area where drivers sometimes pull out of their drives without checking the pavement is clear, so I would prefer the option of stopping completely using a handbrake as an extra safety measure.

I also found the reduction in speed was so slight, I wondered if it might be faulty or have a loose connection. So sadly, it seems pretty ineffective and I don’t really use it.

How big is the basket on the Cybex Avi?

I was pleased to see a decent-sized shopping basket is included (it’s an extra accessory you have to buy for the Nipper Sport). Although you don’t want to weigh yourself down on a run, I never leave the house without a few baby essentials, and I find it really handy for small items like water, the rain cover and a spare jacket.

This basket is quite tricky to access, as there is only a narrow gap you can reach through on any of the sides. On the plus side, this means things are less likely to fall out if you move at speed over bumpy ground.

cybex avi

There’s also a storage pocket on the back of the seat unit, which is really good for slipping small items into, however the Nipper Sport has zipper pockets along the hood, which are just the right size for safely storing your keys phone or wallet. I really wish the Avi had something similarly secure.

Can you attach a car seat to the Cybex Avi to use it as a travel system?

Yes, you can buy separate car seat adapters to attach Cybex and GB infant car seats to the stroller (although it should only be use for walking when the car seat is attached).

How sturdy does the buggy seem?

The Cybex Avi feels like a solid piece of equipment, with a strong frame that I feel confident would last for more than 1 child.

Does the Cybex Avi come with a rain cover?

Yes. The rain cover fits well and was easy to put on, which was great when we got caught in a sudden downpour mid-run. It’s also effective, as we were out for around 20 minutes in heavy rain and it kept my son dry.

It has a large black section, and I do wish it was all clear as most rain covers are, as this section covers the peekaboo window in the hood so I can’t check on my baby easily. However, he loved looking out through the peekaboo window at the front of the cover when the rain became lighter.

cybex avi

How easy is it to clean the Cybex Avi after a muddy run?

The back wheels are easy to remove – the button you press is right in the centre of the wheel, and it’s not only easy to use but means your hand doesn’t need to go near any muddy tyres.

The front wheel is a bit trickier, but the gap between the tyre and the footplate means it’s easy to wipe the whole thing clean without removing it.

What’s in the box?

You can order the Cybex Avi in a single 1-box package or choose to receive the frame and the fabric parts in separate packages if you want to customise your buggy (there are 3 frame and 5 fabric colours).

  • Wheels
  • Chassis
  • Seat unit
  • Rain cover

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

As well as car seat adaptors, you can buy a rain cover and an insect net.

The 2-in-1 Cup Holder also looks interesting, as it can hold both your water bottle and mobile phone.

Who would the Cybex Avi be most useful for?

This is a great running buggy for someone who has the budget to spend on an additional piece of sports kits. I wouldn’t really recommend it as an everyday buggy but see it more as a piece of very useful sports kit that allows me to exercise while looking after my baby.

Is the Cybex Avi good value for money?

Pricewise, at £479.95, it sits between the cheaper Nipper Sport £299, and the much pricier Thule Glide 2 £625.

I think it’s fairly priced given the solid design and quality, but it is a substantial cost to pay out for what’s likely to be your secondary pushchair.

So, I feel its value depends on how much you’ll personally use it, as well as your budget. As someone who finds running enjoyable, I compare the cost to a gym membership, or paying for childcare to look after my son while I exercise. But if your budget doesn’t allow, then long walks with a solid everyday buggy is a good compromise.

If you’re in the market for a running buggy, however, I think this is a very good option.

How does it compare to similar jogging strollers?

Product nameAge suitabilityWeightFolded sizeRRP
Cybex Avi6 months to 4 years10.6kgL89cmxW58.5cmxH25cm£479.95
Out N About Nipper Sport V4Birth to 4 years9.8kgL90cmxW48cmxH29cm£354.99
Thurle Urban Glide 2Birth (with carrycot/cocoon) to 3 years10.8kgH89cmxW69cmxL34cm£599.99
Phil & Teds SportBirth to 5 years12.2kgH92cmxW58cmxL44cm£399

Where can I buy the Cybex Avi?

It is available from Uber Kids, Baby Planet and Natural Baby Shower.



This is a well-designed buggy that overall, is a pleasure to use. I found the position of the handbrake on the pushbar annoying (more so given the brake itself was ineffective) and wish it could sit in a more upright position. But it moves beautifully thanks to those super-sized wheels and has lots of appealing features including a basket and the option of making it a travel system. You’ll need the space to house it, but as running buggies go, I would definitely recommend this stylish offering from a brand I trust.


MadeForMums Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy McGhee
Christy McGheeHead of Consumer Content

Christy is MadeForMums’ Head of Consumer Content

Product Specifications

ModelAvi Jogging Stroller
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:99cm–117cm W:68.5cm L:137cm
Dimensions (folded)H:25cm W:58.5cm L:89cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)6 months to 4 years
Child weightUp to 22kg
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seats

Only to be used while walking when the car seat is attached

Seat facing directionForward facing
Front wheelsFixed
Recline positionsMulti-position
Lie flatNo
  • Wheels
  • Chassis
  • Seat unit
  • Rain cover
Accessories included
  • Comfy ride thanks to the sprung suspension
  • Ultra-compact fold in seconds
  • Car seat compatible for extended use
  • Perfect for running with your child
  • Reinforced backrest keeps your child comfy + secure
  • Ergonomic adjustable handlebar for effortless running
  • Sun canopy includes a visor + a mesh window