In a nutshell

A beautiful looking, thoughtfully-designed and durable, sporty stroller that makes going running and keeping fit with your baby in tow both easy and a lot of fun, but not suitable as a day-to-day pushchair

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 3.8 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Comfortable to run with, gives a smooth ride, comfy for baby or child, safe, large viewing window, has many different sporting functions


  • Not much storage space, bulky to store, not suitable as an everyday pram, expensive

Along with the Avi running buggy, the multi-functional Zeno trailer is part of German brand Cybex’s new Sports collection. The brand has been around since 2005 and they pride themselves on creating products with contemporary design, the highest possible safety and functionality that makes them a pleasure to use. With their Sports collection, Cybex aim to empower parents to continue to pursue healthy, outdoor lifestyles and to stay active, while also caring and having fun with their kids.


The Cybex Zeno is a genuinely innovative product, designed to be versatile and functional for a range of different uses while also looking sleek. It can be used in its original form for push-running with a child from the age of 6 months to around 4-years-old (or 111cm/22kg).

You can also buy add-ons, which also give the option for hands-free pull-running, converting the Zeno into a bike trailer for cycling or even adapting it for the winter season with a skiing kit.

More ‘dedicated, specialist equipment’ rather than ‘everyday stroller’, this multi-sports buggy is best suited for those who take their outdoor fitness fairly seriously and do it very regularly. With a hefty price tag of over £700 it’s an investment, but if you’re looking for ways to exercise with your child, rather than arrange childcare every time you want to go for a run, it could be worthwhile.

Buy The Cybex Zeno Sports Buggy: Uber Kids, Harrods and Baby Planet

Tested by

Sarah is a freelance culture journalist and something of a fitness junkie, as well as a keen runner. She tested the Cybex Zeno with her 1-year-old son, Roger, around the parks and roads near her house in Ealing, London.

What were you first impressions?

When first unpacking the Cybex Zeno, everything felt high quality, which fits with my expectations of the pram from the brand and the price point. However, there were quite a few different elements which was slightly intimidating at first, leaving me wondering how it would all fit together to finally work as a buggy!

How easy is the Cybex Zeno to assemble?

The pram took a good 30 minutes to put together and I did need to rope in my partner to assist. One of the biggest challenges, for me, was that the instructions were explained through diagrams instead of words and it was quite difficult at times to interpret the images. Another challenge was putting on the fabric for the first time. As it fits very snug to the frame, it was tricky in some places to do up the zips. However, it’s worth noting you only need to do this once (unless you want to wash it) and the fabric covering looked neat and sleek once on.

The Cybex Zeno frame without wheels and cover with pull kit

The Cybex Zeno is sold as a dedicated multi-sport buggy – how does it feel to push when running?

In its original push-running mode, which is most similar to other running buggies like the Avi, Thule Urban Glide 2 and Out ‘n’ About Nipper Sport V4, I found the Zeno incredibly smooth and easy to run with, thanks to its large 20” rear wheels with air-filled rubber tyres, lightweight aluminium frame, wide wheel base and solid rear suspension.

Before you begin, you need to adjust the height of the chassis so it’s in an optimal position for your centre of gravity. You can also adjust the handle to various heights, which is an aspect I found important as I am quite tall and having the handlebar at the correct height (level with my navel) meant I could run in a natural way without stooping.

There was also plenty of space between my body and the pram, so my stride was not at all hindered. Surprisingly, I was able to run as quickly as my fitness would allow!

Cybex Zeno running in use

What is the stroller like to pull when running?

You can use the Zeno in this mode with the additional hands-free running kit. I really loved the idea of this add-on, as even needing to push a pushchair with one hand is not 100% natural when jogging. The idea of being able to run hands-free is incredibly appealing and quite revolutionary! Once I was out and about with the kit on, it was very liberating to be able to run without my balance and rhythm being upset and the cabin behind didn’t feel like it was dragging too much – plus, Roger could watch me running!

However, I don’t feel like this is a completely practical piece of kit for various reasons. Firstly, if I’m running from my house to the park, I need to go across pavements and roads to get there first, and with this set up it’s much harder and stranger to navigate. It makes more sense for example if you drove to a park or place to run and set up once out of the car.

Secondly, with the harness on, you can’t reach your child, you have to take it off if you need to tend to them. It could be this is less of an issue when your child is older but as Roger is still only 12-months-old and sometimes needed reassuring, I found this a bit of a pain.

It’s also tricky to convert back to a pushchair while out and about so if you needed to pop into a shop you are a bit stuck. If I’m honest, with this pull-running apparatus you get full-on stares when out running. Others might be laid-back about that, but I felt very self-conscious!

In terms of how well it works when it is in place, I would say the design is spot on. However, in terms of usefulness in everyday life, this part of the Zeno was less appealing.

Cybex Zeno pull running kit in use

What other modes can you use the Cybex Zeno in?

You can also buy an add-on cycling device, which works in a similar way to the pull-running kit. You just need to remove the front wheel of the Zeno and replace it with an arm which connects to your bike, so you can then pull the cabin as you cycle.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere you can also ski, there’s an additional option for buying a skiing add-on, which basically replaces the wheels with ski feet. It’s perhaps hard to imagine this element is so much in demand in the UK, but certainly if I lived where there was snow it would be a lot of fun to take the baby out with me cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing or simply a walk through the snow.

What kind of terrain does the Cybex Zeno work best on?

The pram is designed for flat, urban surfaces rather than off-roading, so runs most smoothly and easily over a flat, straight pathway, for example in a park. However, I also tested the pram over grass as well as over uneven pavements just to see what it was like and it still handled the varied terrain fairly well.

A slight drawback is the fixed front wheel means you cannot make sharp turns without first lifting the front, but the benefits of being able to easily push in a straight line when running in the park outweigh the drawbacks when in tighter spaces.

Baby in the Cybex Zeno pram from the side

Is the pushbar comfortable to use?

Very. It’s a nice, rounded shape, which is easy to hold with either one or two hands. It’s made of a soft foam which is pleasant to the touch and also doesn’t get slippery if your hands are sweaty (or it’s raining).

It’s fairly straightforward to adjust the height of the pushbar by lifting the white catch, moving the bar up or down to the desired height, then closing the catch.

The handlebar also has a handbrake which is great when you need to stop suddenly or on an incline. In addition, there is a strap you can keep around your wrist for peace of mind that the pram won’t get away from you.

Cybex Zeno from behind

How does the Cybex Zeno compare to the Cybex Avi?

The Cybex Avi has very similar benefits to Cybex Zeno as a push-running pram. However, what the Cybex Zeno has extra, is the ability to be adapted for hands-free pull-running, cycling or skiing.

The Cybex Zeno frame with seat but without fabric

How do you fold the Cybex Zeno?

  • First, put on the foot brake.
  • Slide the white catch between the back two wheels to the left with your foot and lower the chassis until it clicks.
  • Lift the white catch on top of the handlebar, then fold the handlebar all the way down.
  • Push the white buttons on either side of the pushchair, then push forward to collapse the frame.
  • To remove the front wheel, lift the white catch on top of it, take out the arm which attaches underneath the chassis, lift the lever on the side of the arm, twist until it loosens and pull out the wheel.
  • To remove the two large back wheels, push the white button in the centre of each one.
  • The three wheels can then be stacked on top of the frame and the whole thing can be put away neatly.

How do you unfold the Cybex Zeno?

  • Attach the two rear wheels by pressing the white button in the centre of each wheel then clicking in place.
  • Slide the metal arm through the front wheel, then twist and fold the lever. Put the arm through the holes underneath the chassis, then close the white catch to hold it in place.
  • Unhook the white catch at the back of the pram, above the left wheel, then the frame will unfold and click into place.
  • Lift the handle until it clicks in place, then close the white catch at the top of the handle bar.
  • Using your foot, slide the white catch between the back two wheels to the left and lift the whole chassis until it clicks into the correct position for push-running.

How easy is it to fold and unfold the Cybex Zeno?

It’s a little more complex than I would like, especially as if I’m going out for a run, I quite like the idea of getting out the house without too much fuss and risking the baby getting grumpy. Equally, it can be quite hard to do by yourself if you also need to keep one eye on a toddler!

However, if you have space to store it unfolded in a shed or hallway you wouldn’t need to be going through this process every single time, so it may depend what storage space you have available.

Another issue was, if I had used the pram on a wet day or been over mud or grass, I would need to first clean the wheels before I detached them and put them on top of the rest of the pram, so the fabric wouldn’t get dirty – a bit of a pain!

How big is the Cybex Zeno?

Pretty big! Unfolded, the maximum dimensions of the Zeno are L:155cmxW:68.5cmxH:122cm, which is slighter larger than the Avi at L:137cmLxW:68.5cmxH:117cm, and substantially bigger than the Phil & Teds Sport at L:76.2cmxW:52cmxH:101cm (although this model can only take a child up to 20kg in weight).

The folded buggy is fairly compact (L99.5cmxW:58cmxH:35cm) and would fit in most car boots or cupboards, especially once the wheels have been taken off – although when storing, you need to be mindful that you can’t really put much on top of it, as it would damage the fabric. In an ideal world the Zeno would come with a protective case to put it all in, to make it easier to put away and carry around.

A woman posing with baby inside the Cybex Zeno pram

How heavy is the Cybex Zeno?

Coming in at 12.5kg, it’s one of the heaviest sports strollers on the market. It does feel quite heavy and bulky if you need to carry it, move it around your house or lift it into the car, however it’s worth noting that the Zeno feels very lightweight when pushing or pulling it, so it takes very little effort ‘in action’.

Could you use the Zeno as an everyday buggy?

Not really. It isn’t really suitable as an everyday buggy for a few reasons. It’s quite wide and long, so may not fit through doorways easily and the front wheel is fixed forward, so getting around tight spaces takes a bit of getting used to – you need to lift the front wheel to manoeuvre the pushchair around.

Another reason it’s not really designed for everyday use is it doesn’t have a storage basket, only a small back pocket large enough for essentials such as phone, keys, wallet and perhaps a very small snack for the baby.

Cybex Zeno review

Is the Zeno a stylish pushchair?

The sleek design is a definite highlight of the Zeno. The fabric fits beautifully around the frame and the overall shape and line of the buggy is very attractive. We had the pink option – which probably wouldn’t have been my first choice – but there are 5 different colourways for the seat packs: Silver Pink (the one I had), Bleach Sand, Medla Grey, Maliblue and All Black. There are also three different frame colours – Black/Pink, Creme/Orange and Black/Black – so you can customise your overall look

What’s the seat unit like on the Cybex Zeno?

The seat unit is another highlight: even without the rain cover, the construction of it creates a lovely little protected cabin area for your baby or child, which looks very cosy as well as having a large viewing window so they can enjoy the view. You also have a viewing window from the top, so you can check on your little one with ease.

It has a mesh covering and a large drop-down sun canopy, so provides substantial protection from the elements as well as 360 degree ventilation for warmer days.

The seat itself is padded and contoured, and though sometimes Roger would get a bit fed up in the chair if I wasn’t moving, once I started running he would look so incredibly comfortable and either would be enjoying the ride or would fall asleep!

The one downside is that the seat is forward facing only, so not great for interacting with your baby. It also doesn’t recline, so is only suitable for babies 6 months and up.

How do you adjust the 5-point harness?

To adjust the harness, you push the padded covers out the way and then pull the straps through either to tight or loosen their length. You can also adjust the straps at the side.

To undo the harness, simply press the button in the centre. I found the harness very easy to use in comparison to some seat harnesses, like the ones you find on car seats, and the padding on the straps made it look comfortable for my child as well.

What is the hood like on the Cybex Zeno?

The fabric that goes over the frame makes for a lovely protected area for your child, with a mesh covering on each side for ventilation, which zips open at the front.

There’s also a substantial UPF50+ protected sun hood, which is handy to stop the sun shining in your child’s eyes, while shading them from the heat.

What are the wheels likes on the Zeno?

The wheels are large, with the rear ones measuring 20” in diameter, and have air-filled rubber tyres. As they are wide, it makes the pushchair very stable and easy to push, particularly when running over flat tarmac.

How effective are the brakes?

Very. The footbrake is positioned down next to the right-hand wheel. It’s very easy to put on and off with your foot and is really effective, even on an incline.

The pushchair also had a handlebar brake which is very well positioned for using, even when pushing with one hand. It’s also very effective and you can squeeze it lightly or strongly to brake as sharply as is necessary.

Does the Cybex Zeno have much storage space?

Not really. It does have a pocket at the back, with a drawstring to close, which is big enough for small items such as phone and keys. However, it isn’t large enough to fit much else, even a water bottle for yourself or for the baby, and there is no further storage basket.

Can you use the Cybex Zeno as a travel system?

No, it’s not possible to attach a car seat to the Cybex Zeno, so you can’t use it as a travel system.

How sturdy does the Cybex Zeno feel?

The buggy is made out of good quality, long-lasting materials and definitely feels sturdy. However, the fabric that sits over the frame looks like it would mark and stain very easily, which seems a bit counterintuitive with the Zeno’s focus on aesthetic features and especially as it is meant for outdoor use. I would have preferred fabric that was easy to wipe clean (rather than having to remove to machine wash), so I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting muddy or stained.

Does it include a rain cover?

The Cybex Zeno includes a rain cover which fits over easily, and your baby can still see out the front. One drawback, however, is that there isn’t much space to store the rain cover, so unless you already put it on before you head out for your run, you may get caught short.

Thankfully, the cabin is already quite well protected with the fabric enclosure if it’s just spitting, but the mesh is not waterproof so wouldn’t be sufficient in a downpour.

How easy is it to clean the Cybex Zeno and the tyres after an outing?

The rubber types are a slight pain to clean as they are quite big, but it depends where you are storing the buggy. If you only have a small space and need to take them off to store the pram, you definitely need to clean them otherwise you will make the fabric of the seat dirty. The fabric cover can be machine washed at 30 degrees, if needed.

What’s in the box?

  • Frame
  • 3 x wheels
  • Multi-sport adapter point
  • Wheel fastening
  • Chair
  • Fabric cover
  • Rain cover

What are the additional accessories can you buy for the Zeno?

  • Hands-free running kit (includes drawbar and adjustable waist belt), £169.95
  • Cycling kit (include cycling drawbar, cycling hitch, 3 spacers, safety flag and rear safety light), £124.95
  • Skiing kit, £249.95
  • Cycling hitch, £29.95
  • Cybex thru axle, £59.95
  • 2-in-1 cup holder, £30
  • Cup holder, £24.95
  • Gold footmuff, £89.95
  • Snøgga footmuff, £75

Who would the Cybex Zeno be most useful for?

It’s perfect for sporty parents who will be going out for runs or bike rides regularly, and have large, open spaces and parks to use it in.

Is the Cybex Zeno good value for money?

Coming in at a hefty £719.95, it’s a lot more expensive that other jogging strollers like the Nipper Sport at £354.99, Cybex Avi at £479.95 and Thule Glide 2 at £599.99. It’s the priciest on the market, however it is the only multi-sport option that really does it all.

To make the investment worthwhile you need to really want to use it regularly – it’s specifically for sports, and not really designed or adaptable to everyday use. However, if you do run a lot, the innovative, well-engineered design really does make it easier and a pleasure to run while pushing or pulling a pram.

How does it compare to similar jogging strollers?

Product nameAge suitabilityWeightFolded sizeRRP
Cybex Zeno6 months to 4 years12.5kgL:99.5cmxW:58cmxH:35cm£719.95
Out N About Nipper SportBirth to 4 years9.8kgL:90cmxW:48cmxH:29cm£354.99
Thule Urban Glide 2Birth (with carrycot/cocoon) to 3 years10.8kgH:89cmxW:69cmxL:34cm£599.99
Phil & Teds SportBirth to 5 years12.2kgH:92cmxW:58cmxL:44cm£399

Where can I buy the Cybex Zeno?

It is available from, Uber Kids, Harrods and Baby Planet.


MadeForMums verdict:

The Cybex Zeno is very good at what it does and looks good while doing it: a specialist bit of kit to make running, cycling and skiing with your little one, not only a breeze but a joy. However, if you only plan on going out for the odd jog – and prefer to have one pram that also works as an everyday pram – this probably wouldn’t be the right product, thanks to its size and lack of storage. Offering opportunities to exercise (in a variety of ways) while looking after your kid, rather than needing to find time when someone else is looking after them, I think the Zeno is a bit of a game-changer, it looks great and is a lot of fun (for both you and your child!).

Product Specifications

ModelCybex Zeno
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:140cm W:68.5cm – H140cm x W68.5cm x D104cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)6 months to 4 years – up to 34kg
Travel system compatibleNo
Seat facing directionForward facing
Lie flatNo
Optional extras

-       Hands-free running kit (includes drawbar and adjustable waist belt), £169.95

-       Cycling kit (include cycling drawbar, cycling hitch, 3 spacers, safety flag and rear safety light), £124.95

-       Skiing kit, £249.95

-       Cycling hitch, £29.95

-       Cybex thru axle, £59.95

-       2-in-1 cup holder, £30

-       Cup holder, £24.95

-       Gold footmuff, £89.95

-       Snøgga footmuff, £75