Since first coming out in 1999, Jellycat toys have slowly become the must-have collectible item. Beloved by children and adults alike, these plushes have become hugely popular thanks to their quirky designs and cheeky smiles.


These days, there are hundreds of Jellycat designs on the market, with dozens of different ranges to shop from, ranging from baby-friendly classics to the ever-growing amuseables collection. Whether you want an animal, plant, or a piece of food, the chances are you'll be able to find a plush that suits you.

But, as the price of a Jellycat ranges from £11.50 to £150, it's helpful if you can find a good deal. Thankfully right now, there are plenty of offers and discounts going on in the Black Friday sales, so we've compiled a list of the best.

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Best Jellycat Black Friday deals at a glance

Best Jellycat Black Friday deals so far

Bashful Bunny Willow Limited Edition | £32 £27.16 (save £4.84 or 15%)

jellycat bashful bunny

The Bashful Bunny is hugely popular among Jellycat collectors and now you can get this limited edition Willow version with 15% off. You can also find the full range of Jellycat Bashful Bunnies at Temptation Gifts.

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Bashful Bunny Willow Limited Edition | £32 £27.16 (save £4.84 or 15%) at Temptation Gifts

Amuseable Coffee-To-Go Bag | £28 £22.40 (save £4.60 or 20%)

coffee jellycat bag

This Jellycat Amuseable doubles as an adorable handbag, with a cross-body strap and zip top lid to keep your valuables in. It's now £22.40.

Amuseable Coffee-To-Go Bag | £28 £22.40 (save £4.60 or 20%) at Hamleys

Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg | £13.99 £12.59 (save £1.50 or 10%)

egg jellycat

This Boiled Egg Jellycat is just 11cm tall and will happily sit on your desk, shelf, or wrapped in bed with all your other teddies. Its small size also makes it perfect for carrying round with you from breakfast time until night.

Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg | £13.99 £12.59 (save £1.50 or 10%) at Campus Gifts

Santa Ricky Rain Frog | £34.95 £27.96 (save £6.99 or 20%)

jelly cat frog

Ricky the Rain Frog is another hugely popular breed of Jellycat. You can get him in several sizes, and now he's Christmas themed. As part of the new festive range, Ricky comes with a red Santa hat and coat, although that doesn't seem to have improved his mood.

Santa Ricky Rain Frog | £34.95 £27.96 (save £6.99 or 20%) at Temptation Gifts

Amuseabean Highland Cow | £17.99 £15.29 (save £2.70 or 15%)

jellycat highland cow

This Jellycat is a Highland Cow from the north of Scotland. It comes with a huge tuft of fur, fluffy tail and soft horns. It's also one of four from the new Amuseabean range, which also includes the Amuseabean Bunny, Kitty, Unicorn and Ram.

Amuseabean Highland Cow | £17.99 £15.29 (save £2.70 or 15%) at Campus Gifts

Amuesable Bluebell | £25.95 £23.36 (save £2.59 or 10%)

jellycat bluebell

If you're looking for a gift that suits the avid gardener or pot plant owners in your life, why not check out this Bluebell Jellycat? Featuring a smiling pot with two big Bluebell stems sticking out the top, it makes the ideal addition to any plant collection.

Amuesable Bluebell | £25.95 £23.36 (save £2.59 or 10%) at Temptation Gifts

Amuseable Croissant | £23.95 £21.56 (save £2.39 or 10%)

croissant jellycat

The Amuesable Croissant is an iconic member of the Jellycat range. With two legs sticking out and a long furry body, it's undeniably cute and perfect for cuddling.

Amuseable Croissant | £23.95 £21.56 (save £2.39 or 10%) at Campus Gifts

Amuseable Sun Bag | £28 £22.40 (save £4.60 or 20%)

Jellycat sun bag

Hamleys has lowered the cost of this Jellycat bag to just £22. At 24cm it's got enough space to fit most of your valuables and it's got a sturdy yellow strap long enough to put across your body.

Amuseable Sun Bag | £28 £22.40 (save £4.60 or 20%) at Hamleys

Really Big Maya Octopus | £109.95 £93.46 (save £16.49 or 15%)

octopus jellycat

Another well-known type of Jellycat is the octopus range, which come in all sorts of sizes, colours and costs. This one, Maya, is a huge 75cm in size, lilac coloured, and definitely at the higher end of Jellycat prices, but you can find cheaper versions when you shop the complete range at Campus Gifts.

Really Big Maya Octopus | £109.95 £93.46 (save £16.49 or 15%) at Campus Gifts

Amuseable Watermelon Bag | £28 £22.40 (save £4.60 or 20%)

watermelon jellycat bag

This happy Watermelon Bag is sure to brighten up your day with its smile and furry body. Children can cuddle it at home or take it with them on days out thanks to its convenient across-the-body strap.

Amuseable Watermelon Bag | £28 £22.40 (save £4.60 or 20%) at Hamleys

Medium Peanut Penguin | £20.99 £16.79 (save £4.20 or 20%)

jellycat penguin

The Peanut Penguin Jellycat is ready and waiting for hugs, with its grey wings stretched out in preparation. It's now on sale for 20% less at Temptation Gifts.

Medium Peanut Penguin | £20.99 £16.79 (save £4.20 or 20%) at Temptation Gifts

Vivacious Vegetable Aubergine | £13 £9.75 (save £3.25 or 25%)

Aubergine jellycat

At Anthropologie, this Aubergine Jellycat is under £10, after being reduced by 25% in the Black Friday sale. It's part of the Vivacious Vegetable range, which also includes radishes, leeks and so much more.

Vivacious Vegetable Aubergine | £13 £9.75 (save £3.25 or 25%) at Anthropologie

Amuseable Hot Chocolate | £26.95 £21.56 (save £5.39 or 20%)

hot chocolate jellycat

This is another new member of the Jellycat Christmas range, a happy Hot Chocolate! This plushie comes with a bright red Christmas-themed mug and a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top (plus sprinkles).

Amuseable Hot Chocolate | £26.95 £21.56 (save £5.39 or 20%) at Campus Gifts

Crispin Crab | £28 £21 (save £7 or 25%)

crab jellycat

Crispin the Crab is now on sale for 25% off at Anthropologie. He comes with six furry legs, two pincers and the iconic Jellycat smile. This would make a great gift for budding marine biologists.

Crispin Crab | £28 £21 (save £7 or 25%) at Anthropologie

Oswald Orangutan | £56 £42 (save £14 or 25%)

orangutan jellycat

Last but not least is Oswald Orangutan, now available for £42. At 34cm, he's larger than most Jellycats and comes with a tufty orange body and long arms which are perfect for cuddling.

Oswald Orangutan | £56 £42 (save £14 or 25%) at Anthropologie

Where to buy Jellycat?

Jellycats are available at a number of major retailers including John Lewis, Selfridges, Waterstones and Hamleys. If you want to buy them in person – as a lot of Jellycat collectors tend to do – we’d recommend Waterstones as the place where you’re most likely to find the little creatures.

However, when it comes to deals, it’s sometimes better to go to lesser-known sites, which is why we’ve included retailers like Temptation Gifts, Campus Gifts and Anthropologie. These sites may be less familiar to some, but they’re still considered trustworthy and all have an above average rating on Trustpilot.

How to wash Jellycats?

According to the Jellycat official website, the best way to wash your new plushie is by hand. Simply wipe your Jellycat with a clean, damp towel and a bit of soap, before rinsing with cold water. Then, to get the fur nice and fluffy, they recommend you gently dry it with a hair dryer.


Only select Jellycat soothers and comforters are machine washable, so always check the label first. Even then, you’ll need to run your machine on cool and remember that they're not suitable for tumble drying.