In a nutshell

A stylish-looking smart baby monitor, that has a large screen, great sound quality and nice extra features like a built-in colour-change night light, however the interface is tricky to navigate

What we tested

  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Sound/picture
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Signal range
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Design
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.


  • Built-in night light, great sound sensitivity, large screen, stylish, temperature display, can be paired with an app


  • Monitor buttons don’t light up in the dark, camera not 360 degrees, cables quite short, complicated interface

While US company LeapFrog is most well-known for its colourful, interactive, electronic toys, it also has a range of audio, video and smart baby monitors produced in collaboration with VTech. The LF815HD is the brand’s only smart monitor, which can be used with the parent viewer display or remotely using the LeapFrog Baby Care App.


As well as looking great – the monitor and camera look modern and stylish – the high-definition LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor has lots of great features, including an innovative, soothing colour night light and night vision technology. The talk-back function and built-in lullabies give several options to sooth your baby from afar, both of which you can control from the monitor or app. The monitor costs £149.99, making it slightly more affordable than similar smart baby monitors like the VTech RM7767HD, £199.99, and a much more budget-friendly option than the all-singing, all-dancing Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor, £289.

Tested by:

Charlie Williams, a video producer and scriptwriter, tested the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor with her 13-month-old son, for 2 weeks during the night – and on the rare occasions he would nap during the day.

What were your first impressions?

My first impression of the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor was that it was nicely packed (almost like an Apple product) with the simple instructions placed on the top. The design was modern and something that would blend into any nursery without being imposing.

LeapFrog LF815HD box

How easy is the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor to set up?

The camera and monitor were very easy to set up. They automatically paired with each other, all I had to do was select my WiFi and enter the password. The instructions were very good and easy to follow – however, there wasn’t much emphasis on being able to pair with an app and view your child from your phone/tablet. I had to search for this myself to double-check it was an option.

Personally, I found the interface of the monitor itself very complicated to navigate. You are guided by pictures that aren’t easily recognisable as symbols. I would have preferred for the symbols to be text so I could easily navigate the monitor. I found these to be overcomplicated and had to go through the instructions to find what I needed.

Another issue I had with set up was that the camera cable is quite short. This meant I found it hard to place in the room next to a socket whilst being able to see my son in his cot at the same time.

Setting up LeapFrog monitor

Does the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor have an adjustable camera?

Yes, it does; the camera can be tilted up and down. It has a wide-angle lens, which allows you to view the entire room, however it is not a 360-degree camera.

I did find it easy to position the camera as it is built on a sturdy base. I’d recommend positioning it on a higher surface to view the entire room – if the cable length allows in your nursery set-up.

How does the LeapFrog LF815HD compare to other baby monitors you have used?

We have 2 other baby monitors, Nooie 360, £42 (which is actually a motion tracking security camera), and Kodak Cherish C525P, £159.99. Both of these cameras have a 360-degree function, instead of the wide angle lens the LeapFrog camera uses. I find having the 360-degree option preferable as it gives me more control and the camera will follow my son around the cot without the need to pan across manually.

LeapFrog LF815HD baby monitor

Can the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor connect to your smartphone/tablet through an app?

Yes, you can connect the baby monitor to your smartphone or device. Installation of the app is needed, and the creation of an account, then verification of that account. I used the QR code available inside the box to take me to the correct app. On the baby monitor settings, a QR code is given. Using the app on the smartphone, scan the QR code and voila! It really is as easy as that to connect – although, as I mentioned before, it wasn’t instantly obvious that this was an option when unboxing the monitor and flicking through the instructions.

What is the sound quality like on the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor?

The audio quality is fairly good, providing clear sound with limited background noise. It is silent until my son wakes. There is a feature that allows you to set the sensitivity of sound that it reacts to, which we had set to high.

Did you have any problems with background noise or interference?

No background noise was apparent when using the monitor, which is great for sleep deprived parents like myself! When my son did stir, the sound was very clear. We also experienced no interference.

Is there a talk-back function on the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor?

There is, but unfortunately the talk-back feature isn’t immediate, which is not ideal when you want to settle your child from another room. When I have tried to soothe my son through the monitor it has lagged and gave a lot of feedback. I found it a bit hit and miss.

What is the picture quality like on the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor?

The picture quality is fairly sharp – it’s 720p HD, however I would prefer it to be sharper, as I found it to be quite pixelated in night mode especially. I have chosen higher quality baby monitors at home as I prefer a sharper image (this may be because of my job and knowledge of this type of equipment), so it might not necessarily be an issue for other parents as you can still see your child easily.

The LeapFrog LF815HD has a zoom function (this magnifies details up to 8 times their original size), which can be useful when you want a closer view of your child, however the 360-degree cameras I own also have the function, along with being able to move the camera more freely.

LeapFrog LF815HD baby monitor screen

Does the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor offer analysis of your baby’s sleep?

No, it doesn’t offer this function. If tracking your baby’s sleep pattern is really important to you, something like the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor may be more suitable.

What do you think of the different lullabies and sounds that come from the monitor?

The LeapFrog LF815HD has a wide range of lullabies and noises such as ‘shh-ing’ and white noise. My son prefers silence, so I didn't use this function – however, when testing the sound, I found the quality to be slightly poor. Instead, we used the night light function, where you can choose from 7 soothing colours. This can all be operated from the monitor, which is a handy feature.

Nightlight on LeapFrog monitor

Does the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor have a voice-activated function?

Yes, it does, and you can choose how sensitive to set this. We found the voice-activation function accurate. We set it to several sensitivities during the 2 weeks of testing and I was satisfied that the monitor notified me when my son would fuss or cry – something that gave me peace of mind.

Does the monitor have a temperature indicator?

Yes, ­and again this is something I was very happy with. It seemed to give an accurate recording, according to the temperature egg we had already placed in his nursery.

LeapFrog LF815HD baby monitor screen

Does the LeapFrog LF185HD Smart Baby Monitor operate on mains or battery, or both?

The product operates on a combination of both. The plug wires are fairly short; I couldn’t move the camera or monitor far away (roughly 1m). I have found the battery life to be very good – I trusted the camera and monitor would last all night.

How durable does the baby monitor feel?

It is sturdy and robust and feels like it would stand the test of time. It’s a shame the camera and monitor don’t come with a travel case to keep it protected if you decided to take it away with you though.

2 pictures of LeapFrog LF815HD baby monitor

What did you like the most about the LeapFrog LF185HD Smart Baby Monitor?

My favourite features are the wide screen monitor, the ability to watch from my phone, the battery life and the sound quality. I am also very fond of the night light attached to the camera. It has a touch feature to dim and lighten which is quite temperamental, but overall, it gives the room a lovely calming hue.

What would you have wanted to know before buying the LeapFrog LF185HD Smart Baby Monitor?

I’d have liked to know that the buttons on the monitor do not have lights underneath, so it makes it very hard to navigate in the dark.

What’s in the box?

  • Camera
  • Monitor
  • Plugs x 2
  • Instructions
LeapFrog LF815HD out of the box

Is the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor good value for money?

I think, at under £150, the cost is reasonable for a monitor that looks good in any room, is very portable and reliably informs you of when your child needs you. It was easy to set up, and rarely lost connection to the WiFi, which gave me peace of mind whilst I was sleeping. However, personally I would have liked a higher-res picture and a more reliable talk-back function. On the whole, it is relatively reasonably priced for a smart baby monitor.

How does it compare to similar baby monitors?

Product nameTwo-way talkbackNight lightRoom temperature displayRRP
LeapFrog LF185HD Smart Baby MonitorYesYesYes£149.99
VTech 7in RM7767HD Smart Video Baby MonitorYesYesYes£199.99
Motorola VM65X Smart Baby MonitorYesNoYes£220
Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby MonitorYesYesYes£269

Where can I buy the LeapFrog LF815HD Smart Baby Monitor?

Available at John Lewis, Mamas & Papas and Amazon.


MadeForMums verdict:

When it comes to functionality, the LeapFrog FL185HD Smart Baby Monitor does what you need it to do; it offers a clear image, great sound quality and handy extra features like a night light and the ability to view via the app. However certain issues like the complicated monitor interface and the fact that the monitor buttons do not light up a night, make it trickier to use. Some parents may prefer a 360-degree camera rather than the wide-angle view provided here. But, if you’re after a decently priced smart baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby when you’re at home or out of the house via the app, it certainly does the job at a competitive price.

Product Specifications

ModelLeapFrog LF815HD
Video screenYes
Movement sensor padNo
Night lightYes
Room temperature displayYes
Soothing lullabiesYes
Power supplyRechargeable battery
  • 5' High-definition Colour LCD screen
  • Colour Night Vision
  • Adaptive Dimmable Colour Night Light — automatically adjusts to the brightness of the surrounding
  • 110 degree wide angle lens
  • Local & Remote 2-way, talk-back intercom
  • Accurate temperature and humidify sensor
  • 5 lullabies and 5 soothing sounds