Did McDonald’s UK just hint at a vegetarian Happy Meal?

We asked the fast food chain giant if they'd consider a veggie Happy Meal option for kids. Here's what they told us...


When one of our mums messaged and asked us to do a call out to other parents, asking if there should be a vegetarian Happy Meal option at McDonald’s, the response we got was BIG, with lots of you sharing your stories and compromises on Facebook.


While we know you could just buy your little one a bean burger, chips or fruit – the whole point of the Happy Meal is the box it comes in with the games on the side and the little toy. It’s the whole package kids love.

Lydia H told us that as a vegetarian family they simply don’t eat at McDonald’s because of this issue.

Mum Rebecca H reveals that: “I was told by a McDonald’s staff member they could ‘swap the meaty product for some carrot sticks’ but would still be charged full price 



And Emma N’s work-around is this: “I had to buy a veggie burger with no mayo for my daughter instead of a happy meal. Bad form McDonald’s.”

A number of you told us that other countries do provide a veggie option for Happy Meals. “McDonald’s in India has a veggie Happy Meal for kids so why can’t we?” asks Linda Z

And apparently Sweden has another big burger chain that provides its own ‘happy meal’ with a veggie option.

Some of you asked why Quorn nuggets couldn’t be offered – or perhaps veggie fingers. It can’t be that hard, can it?

What does McDonald’s say?

So inundated were we with questions and queries on this topic, we decided to get in touch directly with the McDonald’s press office to see if they could offer any hope for a future vegetarian Happy Meal.

First off, an unnamed spokesperson told MFM: “We are constantly listening to parents and looking at the best ways to evolve the menu.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to choice, this summer we will be introducing a new lean-protein item to the Happy Meal.”

OK… so what does that mean? Apparently the lean protein option isn’t veggie – it’s a meat option that’s currently ‘top secret’ ?

When we pushed them further they did say: “There is every possibility that soon there will be a vegetarian addition – but I can’t say anything officially.”

Hmmmm, well, it’s not a no – and while it’s not a yes either, it definitely seems the whole vegetarian Happy Meal debate is one McDonald’s is well aware of. 

All we can say is: watch this space. But we have a feeling it could be on its way pretty soon – and of course, we’ll let you know as soon as it happens ✊

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