Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

Mia Paleka loves her Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Limited Edition because..."We take it everywhere, from the golf course to when we walk our dog. It is great for strolls in the city. Plus it is small enough to fit in our car and big enough for my son to sleep in it."


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Shana takes her Mountain Buggy Duo on a trip to the seaside

Mountain Buggy Duo (formerly known as the Urban Duo)

Shana Hayter loves her Mountain Buggy Duo because..."It is so easy to push you can even manoeuvre it one-handed! Our twins just love going out in the Mountain Buggy Urban Duo in the Moss colourway."

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The Mountain Buggy Duo is an ATP - all terrain pushchair - because it is designed for heading off-road as well as staying on pavements.

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The Mountain Buggy Terrain can hold a lot of things - perfect for day trips

Mountain Buggy Terrain

Ceinwen Walton loves her Mountain Buggy Terrain because..."It can carry everything down to the beach for me - it is a real pack horse! I am also a little Mountain Buggy mad and have rubbed off on my friend who now owns a double Mountain Buggy for her two children. We look quite a sight when we go out together."

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Look at all those steps! Irene puts Mountain Buggy's air-filled tyres and suspension to the test

Mountain Buggy Terrain

Irene Gilmour also adores the Mountain Buggy Terrain because..."It is such a smooth ride, my daughter Jemma was still sleeping after all these stairs! (see the image on the right) It is also the best pushchair for us because even when it was snowing in winter and everyone was stuck inside, we could stilil take Jemma outside and have fun in the snow without worrying about her."

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This sunset looks fab behind Michelle's Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy Urban Elite

Michelle DiSotto loves her Mountain Buggy Urban Elite because..."It is the perfect buggy to take on morning walks on the beach in Maine, which is the only thing to do with my 7-month-old at 5am. Mountain Buggy is the best! It is a wonderful ride for my little one!"

The Urban Elite isn't available to buy anymore but a worthy alternative to consider is the Urban Jungle.


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