In a nutshell

Light and easy to push, now with a rear and forward facing carrycot option, but heavy to lift, bulky to store and is quite noisy to adjust

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 3.9 out of 5.


  • Great value for basic pushchair, maneuvres like a dream on all terrains, lots of pockets and storage choice, comfortable and light to push, carrycot available, fully reclining seats


  • One short sun canopy, clunky to fold, recline difficult to use with child in seat, restricted access to shopping basket, can’t be used as a travel system, extras are expensive

The Out n About Nipper 360 Double v3* is one of the lightest and smoothest side-by-side all-terrain pushchairs on the market. Great for twins or siblings, and all at an affordable price.


The Nipper 360 Double v3 is the latest release from the popular UK brand and comes with a few subtle changes and improvements on its predecessor the Out n About Nipper 360 Double v2.

  • Individual seat hoods instead of 1 large sun hood
  • All black frames
  • Auto fold lock
  • Colours (Raven Black, Purple Punch, Carnival Red & Mojito Green) will be on a black frame apart from the Blue Lagoon which will remain on a silver chassis.)

What's in the box?

  • Chassis
  • Rear and front wheels
  • Seat liner x 2
  • Bumper bar
  • Rain cover

Are there any additional extras?

The good news is the v2 and v3 accessories retro-fit so there’s an opportunity to save money on buying now cheaper v2 accessories for your v3. The shopping basket is now only available in black. Previously you could get it in the matching colour of your v2 buggy.

  • Newborn support - £24.95
  • Carrycot - £130
  • Carrycot rain cover - £15.00
  • Carrycot UV cover - £22.95
  • Carrycot adapter (1 & 2) - £29.95
  • Footmuff - £49.95
  • EVA wheel - set £43.95
  • Sun Mesh - £34.95
  • Double carry bag - £64.95
  • Shopping basket - £34.95
  • Mini tyre pump - £9.95
  • Puncture kit - £3.00

What is it like assembling the Nipper 360 Double v3?

A synch. It probably took me longer to open the box it came in than it did to assemble the buggy. The rear wheels fixed onto the frame with one simple click.

The front wheel needed minimum attention to fit on to the forks. The trickiest job was assembling the shopping basket. A process, but slotting the stiff flexi plastic base into the textile outer lining did need a little muscle.

Will it fit though my front door?

Firstly, measure your front door before purchasing a double buggy! There are countless horror stories of ill-fitting buggy purchases. With the v3's 72cm width the Nipper 360 Double v3 will fit through most standard front doors – 72.5cm is the smallest. But if you're after a narrower twin, look at our review of the 63cm Mountain Buggy Duet.

How does the buggy fold?

The manual makes it look simple. But in reality the actual folding action is tricky. The buggy should seamlessly bend back in half once the two side latches and red safety catch are released.

As you push down on the handlebar to flatten the buggy the seat backrests often get caught. You have to prop the seat backrests up so they’re flush before the frame will fold properly flat. This makes it quite bulky and it can't freestand.

Is it travel system compatible?

No. If it's important to you to have a double that is travel system compatible, both the Mountain Buggy Duo and Mountain Buggy Duet models can also be used from birth and offer more flexibility. Both can use carrycots and are car seat compatible with the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix and Pebble.

Tell me more about travel systems.

Is it easy to push?

The Nipper 360 Double v3 makes light work out of pushing my heavy 10lb boys. Over bumps, around obstacles, mounting kerbs and negotiating uneven pavements is an effortless task. Best of all it can all be done one-handed. Even with a basket-full of a few 2 litre milk bottles.

A shopping centre trip really tested the all-round front and rear suspension. Tired of waiting for the elevator, I impatiently used the stairs to go up a floor. Not something I would recommend but my initial worries quickly vanished as the buggy smoothly and effortlessly bounced up each step.

Is the handlebar adjustable?

Yes. The adjustable handlebar pivots up and down to fit a wide range of heights. Neither me at 5’ 5” or my 6’3” partner have had reason for complaint. The only niggle would be sometimes the handle sticks when adjusting it. And you need two hands to simultaneously press the buttons either side of the handlebar.

How light is the Nipper 360 Double v3?

The buggy feels heavy when lifting in and out of the car. But in reality, at 12.7kg it’s one of the lighter double strollers on the market. You can reduce the weight of the Nipper Double by purchasing the EVA wheels kit (£43-95). It makes the Nipper 1.5 kg lighter l making it one of the lightest three wheel double pushchairs available.

Is the brake easy to use?

The simple one-click lock foot brake is situated in the middle of the rear axle between the wheels. Be aware with a changing bag hung over the hand bar you may have to play a bit of foot tennis to find it. Also the brake is extraordinarily light to touch sometimes you don’t feel that the brake is on.

Can it easily fit in the car?

Having an Audi Estate, I’m fortunate enough to have the boot space to lay my v3 flat. In a smaller car it might be more of a challenge.

Is it comfortable for baby?

The seat liner padding could be thicker for extra comfort. There is a snug available to buy for newborns. Velcro strips are used to fit the removable seat liners. But sometimes it slips away from those strips when putting my boys into their seat. This mostly happens when I’m too lazy to take the bumper bar off first. It is mildly inconvenient having to re-adjust the seat when you’re in a hurry.

It’s not easy to smoothly recline the seat with a sleeping toddler. You have to support the seat with your hand when using the toggle recline. It will save your little one being awoken by a backward jolt.

Is the Nipper 360 Double v3 value for money?

It’s RRP is £409.99 but with a bit of searching you can find the Nipper 360 Double selling for as little as £320. This is a great basic price, but the extras are expensive. Only the raincover and sun visor are included in the package, so if you have twin newborns, two carrycots and adaptors, this is an extra £300. For more bang for your buck, the striking Cosatto Supa Dupa Double is £300. And that includes head huggers, footmuffs, chest pads, bottle carriers, raincover and shopping basket.

What’s storage like?

Storage is so important for carrying all of my twins’ gubbins. The Nipper 360 Double v3 has some nice little storage solutions. The zipper side pockets at either side of the canopy and the mesh drawstring pouches behind the seats are really useful. For extra storage a shopping basket is available to buy for £34.95, but it attaches so close to the chassis frame that access is restricted. The positive is this curved shaped basket is made to last thanks to its curved shape, reinforced with a sturdy, semi rigid plastic.

Is there an individual canopy for each child?

No. With a large, single canopy someone always loses out with the one-awake- one-asleep scenario. The large peekaboo window can offer some assurance, but I wish the Nipper had two individual hoods like all of its Mountain Buggy, Cosatto and Baby Jogger rivals. The canopy is a little rickety and quite noisy when you open it out. You have to snap it open and shut in one committed move hoping that you won’t wake up your little one. Perhaps in time the rigidity of the hood will soften.

How does Nipper 360 Double v3 compare to v2?

Most noticeably, the v3 has come back sporting:

  • Vivid colours compared to the understated colours of the v2
  • The introduction of carrycots, which are compatible with the V2
  • A harness that now has padding on the crotch strap and shoulder pads
  • Zip pockets on the hood that are now solid fabric providing more privacy than the old mesh ones.
  • A black out shade that prevents light entering through the back of the pram for when the seat unit is fully in a recline position.

The safety clip, metal D-rings which had to be clipped in, in addition to plastic clips have been removed from the folding process which make it easier and quicker but doesn’t compromise safety.

Who’s the Nipper 360 Double for?

The Nipper 360 is suited for those who rely heavily on walking as their main mode of transport or at leisure, on and off-road. It’s perfect for parents who love the great outdoors. It’s less handy for drivers who do short runs and have to get it in and out of a car. On public transport, this side-by-side is less appropriate and is better for the odd trip than a daily commute. It can be used from birth providing the seat is fully reclined, so it’s ideal for twins or if you have a toddler and newborn. It’s worth noting that the seat is only forward facing but the carrycot does parent-face.


MadeForMums verdict

The Out n About Nipper 360 Double v3 steers like a dream. It’s a fantastic, smooth ride on all surfaces. And it’s great that the v3 – or v2 - can be used with carrycots now. That said, nothing’s perfect. The v3 is let down by its the cumbersome fold and easy access to the basket is limited. Also, some of the extras are quite expensive. But the positives still far outweigh the negatives. I would thoroughly recommend this buggy every time for twins or multiple children.