In a nutshell

An affordable lightweight that offers a smooth ride and can be used from birth. It's just annoying it will only fold flat with the removal of the footmuff.

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 3.8 out of 5.


  • Easy to assemble, smooth ride, roomy, accessories included, slim width great for shopping aisles and tight hallways, large footmuff, carry handle, goes up kerbs easily


  • Have to remove footmuff to fold buggy, small basket, footmuff frequently needs pulling up, seat doesn't sit upright enough

The Petite Star Kurvi has been discontinued, but if you're after an affordable travel system, click here for the best available now.

However, if you still want to get your hands on this buggy there are a few secondhand models still circulating on websites like Amazon.


Petite Star were designing and manufacturing nursery products for over 50 years. The brand was one of the most well-establihsed parenting companies in the world, but sadly it stopped making products and closed for good in 2014, we don't know why.

However, as we mentioned earlier, you can still get your hands on some Petite Star products and buggies and even spares that are floating around on the internet.

With all secondhand products there's guidelines you should check before buying.

You'd be hard pushed to find the quality and functions that the Zukoo by Petite Star offers for a more affordable price. Yes, there are cheaper options, and if all you want is a basic, slimline buggy that folds flattish, go forth and shop. However, if you want a buggy that’s sturdy, means business and will outlast more than one child, I give you the Zukoo.

Having manufactured a tidy range of other buggies, Petite Star felt there was a gap in the market for a value lightweight buggy with an umbrella fold that could be used from birth. Petite Star realised that many parents buy a durable but heavy pram for their baby's first few months, and it's only after they've got passed the weaning stage, that they come up for air and think about buying a lighter buggy.

Petite Star want parents to forgo the idea that they need to buy a pram first and a lightweight buggy second, hence the Zukoo can be used from birth. It doesn't offer the secluded protection of a pram, but the complete recline of the seat means your baby's back will be supported while asleep. This is a great feature, but it’s also worth noting it’s not unique to petite Star – there are other lightweights suitable from birth currently on the market.

The Petite Star Zukoo comes in three colours - Lagoon (blue), Fuchsia (pink) and Raven (black).

What we love

One of the main problems I’ve found with buggies is getting them up kerbs easily. There's often no place to put your foot on the rear axle to give you leverage and I often strain my wrist pushing down on the handles. With the Petite Star Zukoo this isn't a problem. The buggy is so light (7.2kg) and even with the 25lb of my 16-month-old son Nathaniel sitting in it, a slight touch on the handles and it's almost as if it flew onto the pavement.

As soon as I came home from Nathaniel's first outing in the Zukoo, I noticed there was more space than usual in my hallway to manoeuvre Nathaniel in the buggy and yet Nathaniel isn’t squashed or in any way uncomfortable in the slim design.

It’s annoy when you find a buggy you like at a reasonable price and then realise that the price doesn't include a footmuff and raincover – two essentials for the UK weather! With the Zukoo you get both of these, plus a matching changing bag, included in the £125 price tag.

Nathaniel is very use to air-filled (pneumatic) tyres and I wondered how he'd get on with the rigid type on the Zukoo, but he seemed happy enough as I trudged the three mile into the town centre, did our shopping and then came back. Although the tyres are showing a bit of wear, I think this is quite normal for rigid tyres.

What to watch out for

I'm definitely a mum who likes neatness, and so I’m impressed with the simple way that the Zukoo folds, but find it annoying that to achieve the proper fold, and for the fastening clip to lock into place, you have to remove the whole of the footmuff. This is tiring – and as it eats into Nathaniel's playtime when we get home, he’s a bit disgruntled about it!

One thing I love about my usual buggy is that I can keep the raincover on and unzipped all the time, just in case it rains, and it doesn't interfere with getting Nathaniel in or out or attending to him as we go along. The Zukoo raincover, although it has a Velcro window, couldn't be kept on all the time, which is the case with most buggies. If there’s a chance of rain I have to take it with me and it takes up all the space in the small basket underneath.

There’s an infinite number of recline positions, as you just let out the back pulley system as much or as little as you want. The seat fully reclines, which is perfect for a newborn, but apart from the small shield of fabric between your baby's head and your legs, it doesn't offer much protection. The seat also didn't go up to a straight 90 degrees and I found Nathaniel slouching as we went along.

Who is the Petite Star Zukoo lightweight buggy best for?

Budget-watching, space-limited parents after a great all-rounder buggy that’s also light.

MadeForMums verdict:

A versatile and multifunctional lightweight buggy, the Petite Star Zukoo comes complete with much-needed accessories. However, faffing with the footmuff before folding and a small shopping basket may put people off.



Product Specifications

BrandPetite Star
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth to 3 years
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:108cm W:52.5cm L:73cm
Dimensions (folded)H:106cm W:30cm L:30cm
Seat facing directionForward facing
Front wheelsLockable swivel
Recline positionsMulti-position
  • Lightweight
  • Umbrella fold
  • Suitable birth
  • 5 point harness
  • Shopping basket
  • Footrest
  • Calf support
  • Carry handle
  • Folding lock
Accessories includedFootmuff, raincover, chest pads, changing pad,
Optional extrasParasol