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Best baby walkers

It's fun to walk with these push-along toys that encourage first steps via lions, puppies and aeroplanes


Babies usually take their first step without any support between the ages of 12 and 15 months.


Some walk earlier than that, others later. Before this, little ones will stand, (if in a wobbly way) and then move on to hauling themselves up using furniture (or your knees) and cruise around while holding on.

From there, they’ll start to take one, then two steps, plonk down again, then pull themselves up and try a couple more times.

Getting ready to toddle…

When they start taking their first steps it’s great to encourage them, but not rush them to walk. Walking takes time to learn. It could be months between when our toddlers start to stand up and when they actually walk.

Give lots of encouragement. If your baby appears to want to try and walk, give a helping hand or something for support, such as a push-along toy, but don’t force them if they are not in the mood.

Make sure their feet are bare as it’ll be easier for them to feel the floor and not slip, and studies have shown that children learn to walk quicker without shoes.

Go round the house and remove obvious trip hazards, move furniture with sharp edges or make sure sharp corners are covered. Be ready to cushion falls and let them go for it!

If you want to help them master the skill of cruising before walking, you can use these push-along toys to strengthen their little legs.


Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit, Stride and Ride Lion, £54.99

What you get: There are three ways to play with this cute lion – sit and play on it, push it and scoot around on it. It has lights, sounds and music – and three balls for feeding time!

Pushing its light-up nose for phrases and silly sounds, this is not a quiet, sit-in-the-corner toy. It’s definitely one for interaction and takes your child from sitting on its seat, to learning to walk with it, and then riding it around. It comes with batteries installed.

Available from: Amazon


Mothercare Builder Wagon, £29.99

What you get: A wooden push-along wagon and building lego-like blocks all in one.  As it’s made of wood, this toy comes complete with ‘soft ‘n’ safe’ rubber edges, for added safety.

It also has 12 building blocks to build and stack, each with a letter, number or word printed on it and has sliding beads, a wheel maze and colourful spinning cogs along the handle.  Suitable from 12 months, it’s all manual, so no batteries required.

Available from Mothercare


ELC Lights and Sounds Walker, £45

What you get: A very colourful walker that’s packed with loads of lights, different sounds and activity sections, such as a mini keyboard, turning cogs, and flappable plastic cards.

The activity centre can be removed, so little ones can play on the floor and it has a loud and soft mode (thankfully). Suitable from 9 months, but you’ll need to get 3 AA batteries to make it work.

Available from:  Early Learning Centre, and Amazon.


Bright Starts Get Rollin’ Jet Popper, £17.99

What you get: With this walker your little one can load balls in the airplane-like base and then laugh themselves silly when they walk along and the balls pop out.

It also comes with realistic jet sounds and other silly sound effects. Suitable from 6 months, the Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin Jet Popper needs 2 AAA batteries.

Available from: Amazon


Brio Wooden Doll Pram, £35

What you get: If you prefer a more traditional walking aid for your baby then you won’t get much better than this Brio wooden doll pram, which can be stacked with your little one’s favourite toys.

Featuring a classic design and Brio’s signature bright colour, this walker has sturdy wheels for stable walking. And best of all, no batteries required, but it does have a recommended age from 18 months.

Available from Hamleys and Wooden Toy Store.


Percy Pup Push Along, £89.95

What you get: Definitely one at the luxury end of the market, this adorable push-along toy makes a great walking companion.

The plush puppy sits atop a solid wooden walker, with rubber tyre treads on the wheels, so taking this dog out for a walk is super easy and non-slip. Suitable from 12 months, Percy Pup can also be used as a ride-on toy.

Available from Little Bird Told Me, Kiddicare, and Precious Little One.


Vtech First Steps Baby Walker, £19.99

What you get: A sturdy, four-wheeler with detachable activity centre, moving roller, role-play phone, textured wheels, easy-grip handle. Suitable from six months plus, it requires 3 AA batteries, and comes in pink or a primary-colour option.

Available from Toys R Us, Tesco, and Amazon.


Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker, £44.90

What you get: Four-wheeled walker, toy and activity panel with games, lights and sounds, movement-activated music.

Unlike many other toys that play music constantly, with the Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker, the music stops when your baby stops walking, which may encourage babies to take a few more steps. Suitable from 9 months, this push-along toy requires 2×1.5V batteries.

Available from: Amazon

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