Quinny has a number of buggy models in its range, including the much-loved Buzz. The Buzz is available as either a 3-wheeler or as a 4-wheel version, giving you the choice to pick one that one suits you the best. The name of the buggy is the same, but with a different number depending on how many wheels. For instance, the Buzz 3 is the 3-wheeler, seen in the reader buggy photos below, while the Buzz 4 has four wheels. Easy!


You might notice the Buzz 3 actually seems to have two wheels very close together at the front - we explain why this is still considered a 3-wheeler.

Beth Napier loves the Quinny Buzz because....

"It is perfect for our lifestyle and does everything we want it to do. I have never had a single problem with the Quinny Buzz - it is the best pushchair we have ever had. Plus, Quinny offer the very best possible customer service and aftercare, so I would definitely recommend this pushchair."

Check out our Quinny Buzz 3 review to see exactly how it performs, and our step-by-step buyer's guide to 3-wheeler buggies for more buying advice.

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Cathy's baby boy enjoys a day feeding the ducks in his Quinny Buzz

Cathy Roberts loves the Quinny Buzz because...

"It is so easy to push and steer around corners. It is also parent facing, which I love because I can see my little man's beautiful face all the time. It also folds and unfolds really easily."

The Quinny Buzz is extremely versatile because it can be both forward and parent facing. Unsure which position is right for your baby? Read our guide to forward and rear facing buggies - we have weighed up all the facts for you.

Quinny also has another 3-wheeler buggy, the Quinny Speedi, which has featured in our 10 of the best buggies for less than £350.

Sarah's fab red Quinny Buzz!

Sarah Mitchell loves the Quinny Buzz. She simply says...

"This is my red quinny buzz. I love it!"

The Quinny Buzz not only comes in this gorgeous bright red that Sarah loves, but in five other colourways. You can see some of the examples in the Buzz 3 buggy image gallery as part of our review.

As well as the Quinny Buzz, our mums love the Quinny Zapp Xtra, which has featured in our top 10 buggies for less than £250.

Veronika's little one snuggles up in their Quinny Buzz

Veronika Matewu loves the Quinny Buzz because...

"It is great for newborns, especially during the cold winters!"

Like Veronika has mentioned, the Quinny Buzz buggy can be made cosy for your baby during winter. Quinny has a range of accessories for the Buzz, including the Footmuff and Dreami Carrycot. Both of these accessories help your newborn stay comfortable whatever the weather.

Can you guess which celebrity mum chose the Quinny Buzz?


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