The best toilet training products for babies and toddlers

If you toddler is ready to move from nappies to the potty and toilet, these training products will help make the transition easier (hopefully), wether it be a grown up potty, training pants or even their own tissue


1. Asda Little Angels, Asda Little Angels First Pants featuring Peppa Pig, £3.87, MadeForMums Awards Gold winner

These pull-up pants by Asda promise up to 12 hours of protection thanks to some unique features, so it’s no surprise that they won our MFM Gold award this year.


They’re easy for little ones to pull up themselves, to help them on the road to potty learning. They have a soft elasticated waist, leg cuffs and sides to protect against leaks, but they’re also soft and have even been awarded a dermatological accreditation by the Skin Health Alliance.

The trademarked “aqua lock” layers keep baby’s skin dry to reduce rashes and irritation, and the colourful character designs are also a hit with kids.

What our MFM Awards judges say about Asda Little Angels First Pants:

“ We loved these pull ups! Having my toddler’s favourite character printed on the nappies encouraged her to come out of hiding at changing time. Using a pants style rather than a standard nappy was great for quick changes. They’ll also be less likely to fall down (compared to nappies with sticky tabs) if she wears them under summer dresses and skirts. They are soft and absorbent without being too bulky.” Mum of 2, Christy

“These are great pull up pants. We had no leaks or problems. My son is encouraged to use them by the Peppa Pig images. He likes that they are big boy pants and points to the characters. He has used them overnight with no issues.” Mum of 3, Victoria

Buy the Asda Little Angels first pants from Asda.


2. My Carry Potty, £26.99, MadeForMums Awards Silver winner

The cute designs of these travel potties are an instant hit with littles ones reluctant to play ball when it comes to potty train. So much can help in encouraging a healthy approach to tackling this development, so having friendly animal characters to cheer on your toddler is a great help.

More importantly though, is that our Silver Award winner is well designed. It’s lightweight and portable, and completely leak proof – perfect for training on the go. We’re happy to recommend this as a potty training companion to rely on.

What our MFM Awards judges say about the My Carry Potty:

“We (myself and my two little boys aged 3yrs and 2yrs) were huge fans of this potty. The child-friendly design is ingenious. My eldest who has been reluctant to use a potty wanted to see the ladybird and was keen to use it straight away. And his younger brother was keen to get in on the action too saying he wanted to sit on the potty. I was a bit nervous about the prospect of carrying it after he’d been to the toilet but I was relieved to find it totally leak-proof as described. Both our boys love it and anything that encourages them to use a potty is money well spent.” Mum of 2, Maxine

“A high quality product, ideal for toddlers who insist on using their own potty, My Carry Potty comes in a variety of bright animal designs. The vacuum seal keeps deposits and smells securely locked down until you reach somewhere to empty it. My two-year-old is not a big potty fan but loved the ladybird design and took to it well.” Mum of 3, Tara

You can buy My Carry Potty from Amazon, Mothercare, and JojoMamanBebe.


3. Hippychick Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector, £25-£30, MadeForMums Awards Joint Bronze winner

Having a mattress protector can save you a lot of stress and grief while your little one gets used to being dry at night. The right sort of product can take the worry out of nights, and make an accident much less of a palaver.

The Hippychick Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector, £25-£30, is a great option. It is 100% Waterproof due to an undetectable polyurethane layer, but is also soft, breathable and absorbent – it’s a great natural alternative to often ‘sweaty’ plastic sheets.

What our MFM Awards judges say about the Hippychick Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector:

“This product surpassed expectations. I’ve previously bought similar lower cost products but found they let ‘accidents’ through which is uncomfortable for the child and work and expense for the parents. This sheet, to date has not let us down.” Mum of 1, Natalie

“I loved this mattress protector.  It’s so soft and you wouldn’t know it was waterproof by touching it because it looks and feels like a normal bed sheet. I also like that it has an anti allergy barrier too for children with allergies.”  Mum of 1, Lisa 

You can buy the Hippychick mattress protector from Hippychick and Amazon.


4. Bambino Mio’s fitted mattress protector, £14.99, MadeForMums Awards Joint Bronze winner

Another great product is Bambino Mio’s fitted mattress protector, £14.99. This product has a fantastic 2-in-1 design that can be used both as a mattress protector and a fitted bed sheet.  It has a cotton surface with a waterproof under-layer to provide a shield against accidents and allergens.

What our MFM Awards judges say about the Bambino Mio mattress protector:

“This product is great. It is so quiet unlike some matress protectors which helps my little one to have a good nights sleep. This product is also definitely waterproof we didnt have any leaks onto the mattress which is great.” Mum of 2, Rhiannon

“I really enjoyed trying this product out, soft breathable material that really does what it says. Fantastic fit for my sons cot bed. I would love to see some bright colours and funky prints on this product as I feel it would be fun for little ones.” Mum of 3, Sarah

You can buy the Bambino Mio mattress protector from Argos, Amazon, and Precious Little One.


5. Summer Infant My Size Potty, £29.99

Make toilet training fun with this gold award-winning potty, which is the perfect pint-sized toilet for your little one.

Complete with flushing sound and a built-in wipe dispenser, it’s so cute and looks just like an adult toilet – but shrunk to toddler size!

Easy to clean, this potty includes a removable bowl and clip on splash guard for boys.  And not surprisingly, the Summer Infant My Size Potty made the top of our list of the best potties you can buy.

What our reviewers say about the Summer Infant My Size Potty:

“My son has only just turned 19 months so we’ve just started potty training and the good thing is the My Size Potty has captured his attention. He finds it easier to sit on this that he does trying to negotiate his way backwards to sit down on the lower potty I’d bought. And he loves being rewarded with the fun flushing sound of the My Size Potty. It has captured his imagination and he finds it fun to sit on, which is good enough for me at this stage in his potty training.” Mum of 1, Laura

“A great innovation in potty training, children will love it and be encouraged to use the potty.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

Read our full review of the Summer Infant My Size Potty here.

Buy the Summer Infant My Size potty from Mothercare, Amazon, and Argos.


6. The Pourty Flexi-Fit and Potty Set, £24.99

A potty and toilet seat set in one.  A fave potty with many of our forum members, the Pourty is a potty with a difference, it has a pouring duct so that allows you to empty the potty easily without any dribbles or mess

While the Flexi-Fit has flex action allows the toddler training seat to fit securely on all types of adult toilets.

Buy the Pourty from John Lewis, Tesco, and Amazon.


7. Oxo Tot Sit Right toilet training seat, £22

A toilet trainer seat that boast universal use, side handles and non-slip edges. The OXO Tot Sit Right seat is compact, easy to store, clean and gives excellent support to little bottoms.

When tested, our reviewer said the seat is: “not only is it the same price as its competitors, it is an infinitely better product.  No parent of a toddler should be without it!”  High praise indeed.

Check out the full Oxo Tot Sit Right toilet training seat review here.

Buy the Oxo Tot training seat from Oxo Tot and Amazon.


8. Bambino Mio Reusable potty training pants, £5.49

These training pants are reusable and a great buy for those keen to be kinder to environment. Their pull-up design promotes independence during potty training, and their cotton layer provides a soft layer for your child’s skin.

The reusable potty training pants have a concealed core and water resistant layer to minimise leaks while allowing toddlers to feel wetness, which is important to encourage effective potty training.

Machine washable, and can be tumble dried too. A great alternative to throw-away pull-ups.

What our reviewers say about the Bambino Mio Reusable potty training pants:

“I really like the idea of reusable potty training pants and think this is a great item in that it’s better for the environment than disposable alternatives. They are easy to wash and come in eye catching designs that attract children’s attention.” Mum of 2, Amanda

“Bright and bold design which made these look like a fun product. A great alternative to pull ups if you use them.” Mum of 2, Sophie

You can buy the Bambino Mio potty training pants from Bambino Mio and Amazon.


9. Mamia Toddler Toilet Wipes – Fragranced, £0.55

These toddler toilet wipes are a real saver when out and about with a potty training toddler. Having to juggle reluctant toddlers, while ensuring a basic level of hygiene is a bit of a mission when on the go, so having these wipes to hand is a great help.

The Mamia Toddler Toilet Wipes are ultra soft, hypoallergenic, flushable and biodegradable – a changing bag staple if ever there was one.

What our reviewers say about the Mamia Toddler Toilet Wipes:

“I LOVE this product and my son does too. This is our first child to toilet train and so we’re all learning together. He has been learning to wipe himself after going to the toilet and sometimes normal toilet roll doesn’t cut it so for him to have his own special toilet wipes where they smell nice and make it an easier job without having to make his bum sore wiping too much are just great.” Mum of 1, Natalie

You can buy the Aldi Mamia fragranced wipes from Aldi.


10. Tron disposable travel potty, £2.99

The Tron disposable travel potty is a toddler toilet with a difference. Potentially gone are the days of schlepping a clunky potty on days out, as this cardboard potty is foldable and easy to slip into any bag.

When your little one needs the toilet unexpectly, unfold it, use, and fold it back up. Attached handles mean you won’t have to tuck it away again until you find somewhere to dispose of it.

The potty also has a highly absorbent, biodegradable pad which eliminates odours and absorbs 250ml of liquid within 30 seconds. Some specially designed closure elements also help protect the contents and maintain hygiene. It’s a very clever design, and could change potty training days out forever!

You can buy the Tron disposable potty from Hippychick and Amazon.

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