1. Oxo Tot Potty Chair, £26

Although it’s not the cheapest potty on the list, the stylish, ergonomic design of the Oxo Tot Potty Chair makes it a favourite with mums.


With no seams, it’s comfy for little bottoms and the inner seat pops out meaning it’s easier to clean.

Unlike a potty in the standard shape such as the mi-potty, this one has a high backrest so it’s supportive as a toddler sits. There’s also a grab-able handle for easy transportation.

MFM tester Eve says: “My two year old found it super-comfy and was happy to sit on it for quite some time. The potty is easy to move around the house and the non-slip base works well on all surfaces. I’d definitely recommend this product to parents who are just beginning to potty train their little ones.”

Available from: Kidly and Amazon

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2. Asda Little Angels First Pants featuring Peppa Pig, £4

It’s not just the colourful character design of the Asda Little Angels First Pants that make them a hit.

They promise up to 12 hours of protection and thanks to trademarked ‘aqua lock’ layers, will keep skin dry to reduce rashes and irritation. Similar in function to the Bambino Mio training pants, but non-reusable and with more absorbency, these are easy for little ones to pull up themselves.

Standout features include leg cuffs and sides to protect against leaks, and a soft elasticated waist. Their skin-friendly softness has in fact awarded them dermatological accreditation by the Skin Health Alliance.

MFM tester Victoria says: “These are great pull-up pants. We had no leaks or problems. My son is encouraged to use them by the Peppa Pig images. He likes that they are big boy pants and points to the characters. He has used them overnight with no issues.”

Available from: Asda


3. Bambino Mio Reusable Potty Training Pants, £5.49

These reusable potty training pants are a great buy for parents who are keen to be environmentally kind and want to avoid throw-away pull-ups such as the Asda Little Angels First Pants.

An easy-on design promotes independence during potty training and the soft cotton fabric is gentle on skin.

The pants have a concealed core and water resistant layer to minimise leaks while still allowing toddlers to feel wetness – important when encouraging effective potty training.

They’re machine washable, and can be tumble dried, but are probably best suited for the later stages of potty training when a little one is controlling their poos and most wees.

MFM home tester Amanda says: “I really like the idea of reusable potty training pants and think this is a great item in that it’s better for the environment. They are easy to wash and come in eye catching designs that attract children’s attention.”

Available from: Bambino Mio and Amazon


4. Mi-potty, £9.75

The perfectly-sized mi-potty boasts anti-bacterial technology claiming to make its surface 99.9% effective against nasty bugs.

Similar to the Pourty Potty, it also has a deep bowl and high front lip to stop tinkles from escaping. Four little feet help to grip to the surface, and at a reasonable price, it’s a good non-slip option to rival the more expensive Oxo Tot potty.

As well as being available in blue and pink, it’s great to have a unisex grey choice too.

MFM tester Sophia says: “My little boy was very happy on his potty! At first I was sceptical at how a potty could be antibacterial, but it’s the material. I would definitely recommend this product.”

Available from: mi-potty and Amazon


5. Potette Plus, £16.99

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019, Toilet and potty training – Finalist

The Potette Plus portable potty and toilet seat trainer is a game-changer for mums and tots on the go. In the pack are three disposable liners that fit the seat and magically turn wee to gel.

Lock the legs and use it as a standalone potty – at home, or out and about – or open the legs flat to fit it over a toilet seat. The legs also detach making it easy to clean.

Although more expensive and not quite as lightweight as the cardboard Tron disposable travel potty, it’s a keeper and comes with a handy travel bag to pop under the pushchair or take in the car.

MFM tester Helen says: “This is so much better than the travel potty/trainer seat I had – it’s smaller, more adaptable and nicer to sit on. I really like this.”

Available from: Cheeky Rascals, Amazon and Argos


6. My Carry Potty, £26.99

Scoring points on the cute design front, you’ll find the My Carry Potty is an instant hit with little ones – especially helpful when they’re reluctant to be potty trained.

With a secure-closing lid and sturdy handle to carry it around, it’s a different design to the nifty Potette Plus and the Tron disposable travel potty, but you’ll find it totally leak proof.

This is great for little emergencies when there’s no option to empty it straight away.

MFM tester Tara says: “This is a high-quality product, ideal for toddlers who insist on using their own potty. The vacuum seal keeps deposits and smells securely locked down until you reach somewhere to empty it. My Carry Potty comes in a variety of bright animal designs and my two-year-old, who is not a big potty fan, loved the ladybird one and took to it well.”

Available from: My Carry Potty, Amazon and Boots


7. Splash About Splash Jammers, £14.99

These superior re-useable swim nappies are designed to prevent leakage, while looking like a pair of ‘grown-up’ pool shorts. The high back and tapered waist design, a fitted gusset that moves with the tot, and silicone bands that secure the shorts securely at the leg, keeps everything contained.

MFM tester Anna says: “We really liked this product in our family. I think it is far superior to the throwaway swim nappies and therefore much, much better value. I never rated the disposable nappies, as wee just seems to pour out and I dread to think what might happen with a poo. But I think these would provide enough safety to give you time to exit swimming pool without contaminating it!”

Available from: Splashabout, Swimbabes and Amazon


8. Hippychick Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector, £15 – £30

A good mattress protector is a must-have for both potty training and beyond. The Hippychick Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector is a more expensive, permanent option than using budget disposable pads such as the ones from Wilko, but it does deliver on quality by being ultra-absorbent.

It’s 100% waterproof due to an undetectable polyurethane layer, but soft and breathable too. There’s also no rustling noise that comes with ‘sweaty’ plastic sheets, or cheap throw-away pads.

MFM tester Natalie says: “I loved this mattress protector. It’s so soft and you wouldn’t know it was waterproof by touching it because it looks and feels like a normal bed sheet. I also like that it has an anti-allergy barrier too.”

Available from: Hippychick and Amazon


9. Tron Disposable Travel Potty, £2.99 each, or £8.99 for pack of 3

The Tron disposable travel potty is an eco-friendly choice for potty training when out of the house.

Considering that it’s made from light cardboard, the potty is super-sturdy and can hold a child up to six years old thanks to the well designed structure.

You simply unfold as you need it and there’s a unique closure element to stop anything escaping before you can find a bin. Like the Potette Plus travel potty, its performance is due to a clever absorbent pad.

This one is biodegradable, works to eliminate odours, and absorbs 250ml of liquid within 30 seconds.

MFM homes tester Rachel says: “Over a summer of potty training we used the Tron when camping and at festivals and they didn’t let us down. It also folds to nothing – you can fit one in your pocket!”

Available from: Hippychick and Amazon


10. The Pourty Flexi-Fit and Potty Set, £28.95

This is a potty and handy toilet seat in one.

The Pourty potty is highly-rated by many of our forum members because of its unique pouring duct that allows you to empty from the back with minimal mess or dribbles.

The set is roughly the same price as the Oxo Tot Potty Chair but with a longer lifespan as the Flexi-Fit toilet seat is included.

Unlike the fixed-size trainer seat with the Potette Plus, the Flexi Fit has a squeeze action that adjusts to the size of any adult toilet – preventing wobbles and spills.

MFM home tester Nicola says: “The shape of this potty really worked for me as there’s no dribbling. My little girl has graduated to the trainer seat now and although she was scared of ‘big toilets’ for a while, she feels really secure on it.”

Available from: Amazon


11. Wilko Puppy Training pads, £1 for 8

Definitely not just for puppies, these large, absorbent disposable pads can be laid down in anticipation of a leak.

MFM home tester Christy says: “We used these in the early days of potty training, when we wanted to go to the café or risk a car journey and knew there might be an accident.”

Unlike disposable pull-ups – such as the Asda Little Angels First Pants – that are usually thrown away after every wear, these pads can be re-used if there are no accidents. A completely reusable option is of course the Bambino Mio Reusable potty training pants, but these pads are great to line car seats, sofas and beds when going without pull-ups entirely.

Available from: Wilko