If you haven’t noticed that the new nursery or school year is almost here, you’ve probably been in hibernation. Walk down the high street or head to your supermarket, and you’ll be bombarded with back-to-school marketing every step of the way! So what do you need to buy for your child? We’ve rounded up the best suggestions, for school and nursery, to save you time…

What to buy for children starting nursery

  • 10 gorgeous nursery bags – backpacks and satchels that are full of personality and sure to stand out in a sea of nursery children!
  • 10 great lunchboxes – the standout lunchboxes and bags currently on the market, sure to make any plain old sandwich feel like an amazing treat.

If it’s tips, advice and info you need, our essential guide to starting nursery will help prepare you and your child for that first day at nursery.

What to buy for children starting school

  • 10 fun pencil cases - from the sweet to the quirky, these will keep your child's belongings together and add a dose of fun to their preparation for the first day at school.

If it’s advice and tips to prepare your child for their first day at school you need, head to our essential guide to starting school.