When we published the story of a woman who shared pics of her 6-year-old's 'unicorn' hair, we were inundated with comments about it from our mums.


The team, it has to be said, were a teensy bit envious of her mermaid green locks - but the reaction from our mums was a bit of a mixed bag.

It got us wondering: is there an age limit on when to start dyeing your little one's hair (if at all)?

Should you teach them to be happy with the hair they have, even if it is a mousy brown rather than a rainbow mane? On the other hand, if dyeing it gives them confidence an makes them happy - why not?

Here's what you had to say...

"In my opinion [6 is] too young," says Isabel H. "My eldest with almost black hair had it tinted red at 8 for a wedding so she didn't look washed out in her ivory bridesmaid dress, but I'd never let [her do] anything like that 'till she is older and completely understands. And the dye washed out in 3 washes."

Esti S agrees: "Given what harsh chemicals tend to be in hair dye I certainly wouldn't let my kids near it until they are teenagers.

"Yes it's fun and hair grows back (I dyed my hair for a good 10 years and I can happily say my hair is in very good condition), but while a child is developing I don't think it's good to chance it with this.

"It's not the same thing by a long shot, but I used to use hair mascara way before I dyed it. And at least it washes out easily!"

And when it comes to setting an age limit, Emma C's think along the same lines: "I personally wouldn't let mine dye their hair until 14-15 but everybody is different."

On the other hand, lots of you don't see a problem at all..

"There are so many beautiful colours in wash-outs or sprays, or even crazy colours," says Gemma T. "I'd avoid using a bleach first. I would have loved this as a child!

"Think of Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms! I doubt the schools would approve though..."

And Emma H reckons there's a good compromise: "I wouldn't let mine dye it with proper dyes but maybe play with hair chalks but not for long-term style, mine's two colours so I'm not against hair dying but I think proper dyes on kids under 16 is a bit extreme."

And finally this from May B: "Why not let them have fun as long as it doesn't interfere with schooling?

"Kids these days are stifled - they need to express themselves and their creativity while they are young otherwise as they grow up they will make dangerous choices - doing things behind your back - and then as soon as they become adults you can't do anything to stop them so they will rebel even more."

What do you think?

What age would you dye your little one's hair - or would you prefer them to embrace their natural beauty?

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