As schools stay closed for the forseeable future because of coronavirus, and lots of us find ourselves trying to homeschool while working / looking after younger kids as well, we are delighted to say the comedians of the world have tried to lighten the mood by sharing lots of humorous memes around homeschooling and life in general during 'lockdown' time.


We've had a look at Twitter and Instagram and pulled out some of our favourite memes to share because, while we're all in a tough situation, laughter is a pretty good medicine.

And if you see anymore you think we would like, do get in touch with the team at Because, yes, we're right here working at home with our kids too (yay!). We'll do our best to add your faves in, in between getting the millionth snack of the day or trying to 'teach' maths we only vaguely remember understanding the 1st time round...

11 of the best homeschooling memes on the internet right now...

1. We're stealing this...

Shared on Twitter by Margaret O'Connell

2. Don't turn your back

Shared on Instagram by tiggerbrig

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3. Snack, anyone?

Shared on Twitter by IWedFred

4. Where's that bowl?

Shared on Instagram by Drew Barrymore (official)

5. Where's Bear when you need him?

Shared on Instagram by Homeschool_capers

6. Who can relate?

Shared on Twitter by Anthony Gell School

7. What are 'clothes' again?

Shared on Twitter by Amy Roskelley

8. Looking good, Jane!

MadeForMums original

9. Don't actually do this

Shared on Twitter by IanTaylor07

10. And when all else fails...

alexa homeschool meme

Shared on Twitter

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