Could you be (gulp) a baby bore?

Just what is a baby bore - and could you be one?!


How to spot a baby bore (or recognise your inner baby bore)

Becoming a mum is such a momentous change in your life, who can blame you for wanting to talk about it? Babies can dominate your everyday duties, conversation and yes, your life, to the point where you can’t remember what you did or spoke about before they came along.


While this is completely normal (not to mention exhausting, overwhelming and did we mention exhausting?) – if you find that your existence is completely baby saturated and your non-mum friends are near to extinction, you may be verging on becoming a ‘baby bore’.


You’re a Baby Bore if…

You finally get a ‘date night’ out with your partner and all you talk about is your baby, as MFM user Buster76 found!

“My husband and I found ourselves, on our very first night out after baby no.4, comparing pictures of our children on our phones.” And mummabear, “When me and my other half went out last month, all we talked about was our little one’s sleep pattern.”


You’re a Baby Bore if…

You happily told your boss or work colleagues about your inverted nipple, blocked milk duct or the colour of your babies poo… as MFM user KB did.

“I made the mistake of recalling my niggles about breastfeeding (in detail) to my work colleague. It wasn’t until she made her excuses and hurried off that I realised that I must have bored her with my breast talk! I was so consumed in it, it’s all I wanted to talk about – to anyone.”


You’re a Baby Bore if…

You turn every conversation into a debate on how to raise your child and the latest baby trend and turn up to coffee meetings or lunch with a clipboard of ideas and an armful of parenting books.

“When I was a new mum, I was obsessed with the latest parenting information and would literally lecture my other mum friends on how they should feed, bathe, change and speak to their baby. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of information on bringing up your baby, it made me go slightly bonkers,” MFM user SallyB told us.


You’re a Baby Bore if…

You have an extensive photo book containing pictures of your baby from the first scan to their first burp, nappy change, smile, laugh…

“I managed to acquire a photo gallery of over 1,000 pictures and wondered why my friends made their excuses after the first 300!” said MFM user and picture happy LouLou80. “I now realise that as lovely as they are for me to keep as memories, my friends didn’t need to see a picture of my sons first everything.”


If you’re finding this all rather familiar…

It may be time to take some action: Find out how to keep your non-mum friends and how to avoid the dreaded Baby Bore pitfalls

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