Eating out with a baby

Restaurants and cafes can still be enjoyed even with a new baby, so learn how with our useful guide…


Those ladies-who-lunch days aren’t over now you’re a mum, they just need more thought and planning. “It might seem a little daunting to go out, and stay out with your new baby, but the first few weeks are actually the best time to do this, as your little one will be spending a lot of time asleep,” says Margarita.


Book ahead

“Always phone and request a table, so you know when you get there you can be seated right away,” says Margarita. “Mention when you call that you’ll be bringing a baby, and ask for a table that has space around it for a buggy. This way you won’t have trouble getting your baby out of the pram or sorting through your changing bag.”

Go with other mums

“Invite your pals and all head out to lunch for support and power in numbers,” suggests Lucy. “This way you can sit together and there’s someone to help you if you need another pair of hands, plus you don’t feel isolated in a busy place.”

Be inventive

“If the café you’re in doesn’t have baby change facilities, and your baby needs a swift clean, use the small travel change mat from your nappy bag and lay it down inside your pram, when it’s on the lay-flat setting,” suggests Margarita. “Put your baby on top of the mat and change her in this. It works well if there aren’t other options.”

Mum’s story

“Plan lunch around naps”

“When Lauren was little, we always had meals out after she’d had a feed. This way she was contented and usually asleep throughout our lunch. I’ve found the easiest thing to do is keep your baby in the car seat or pram while you tuck in.”


Vickie Berriman, from Scarborough, mum to Lauren, 6 months.

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