There are very few things that feel more summery than taking your baby, toddler or child on a picnic. With this in mind, here are MFM’s family picnic pointers…


Where to picnic

Your own garden or local park are great destinations, but if you want to make a day of it, we’ve hunted down 10 of the best family picnic spots across the UK.

What to pack in the picnic hamper

When it comes to picnic food, Gordon Ramsay’s wife and mum-of-four Tana has shared her yummy easy-to-do recipes, which will work perfectly in your hamper.

The RSPCA have shared some mouth-watering savoury recipes using Freedom Food products.

If you're veggie, check out these easy-to-make veggie sausage rolls and oven roasted veggie sticks.

More like this

For some sweet treat ideas, check out the Hummingbird Bakery’s recipes - those brownies are sure to taste even better in the sunshine!

How to keep children entertained

Whether you’re in the garden or further a field, these five outdoor games for five or more children will keep your family entertained.


Picnic health, safety and first aid advice

Of course, being outdoors and getting active can mean there are a few bumps and knocks. Find out what to do if your toddler or child gets insect bites and insect stings, cuts and grazes or hay fever. Our toddler and child summer health guide also has advice on sun safety and water safety, plus how to avoid (and treat) sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.