Happy New You – 15 easy ways to feel good

Forget starting a new year with dull diets and gym visits, read our inspiring guide to making the most of what you've got


1. Get a natural glow

“Give the blusher a miss and try a 10-minute walk in the fresh air,” suggests Shahena Ali, beauty expert and MD of The Powder Lounge (www.thepowderlounge.co.uk). “It’s a free way to give your cheeks colour, freshen your look and give you a dose of vitamin D.”

Flexible working can give you a better balance between work and family

2. Change passwords

Think of a word or phrase that sums up a positive part of your body that you love, and change your email password to it. Try something like, ‘I love my legs’ or ‘pretty eyes,’ and when you log in, you’ll give yourself a secret boost.


3. Attack those pores

Facials leave your skin smoother and brighter and they don’t have to cost the earth. “To have a DIY one at home, start by thoroughly cleansing with your usual products,” says skin and facial specialist, Georgia Louise (www.georgiaskincare.co.uk). “Then massage your face for five to 10 minutes. Start by sliding the pads of both thumbs down either side of your nose to your jawline. After the massage, exfoliate and wipe off with a face cloth. Finally, put a towel in a bowl of hot water with fresh lemon or orange slices and lay over your face for a few minutes.”

Babies love eye contact when playing

4. Keep smiling

“I was proud to have a toned bum before Lucy was born, but now it’s a little wobbly. It bothered me at first, but then, whenever I looked at Lucy’s smiling face, I knew it was worth it. I now keep a picture of her stuck in the corner of my full-length mirror so every time I get down about my reflection, it perks me up.”

Cass Burrows, 31, from Lincoln, mum to Lucy, 1.


5. Tighten your tum

Slather on sweet-smelling Nip + Fab Tummy Fix, £19.35 from Boots, to give your baggy tum a helping hand. Use it every day for a few minutes of indulgent belly massage.

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