Help someone you know get online

Race Online 2012 campaign aims to use local digital champions to inspire and support family, friends and people in communities who want to get online.


Prima Baby and are supporting the Race Online 2012 campaign, to help inspire thousands of people to give an hour to show someone how magic the web really is.

As a Babyexpert user you’re already familiar with the joy of shopping, connecting, interacting, and getting information via the world-wide web, but there are 8.7 million adults in the UK who’ve never used the internet online.


This November Race Online 2012 and the publishers of and Prima Baby, Hearst Magazines UK, as well as other national partners, are going to do something about it. We want to help inspire thousands of local digital champions (ie you!) to give an hour to change someone’s life, so together we can give everyone, young and old, a little taste of the web, and let offline people see for themselves just how amazing the internet is.


Of the 8.7 million adults in the UK who’ve never used the internet, a third are socially excluded and over 6m are 65 years old, or over. These people are missing out on what is now, for most of us in the UK, the primary route to information, education, jobs and customer savings. The partners in Race Online 2012 have pledged to work together to develop initiatives to inspire, encourage, and support everyone in the UK to get online by the end of the Olympic year. One of the barriers for people who want to get started with the web is the cost of kit, so one of the key initiatives is a national scheme to get high quality but

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