How romantic is your partner?

Mums-to-be share their loved up stories of the most romantic things their other halves have done for them…


“I was on holiday in Scotland with my boyfriend when he annoyingly woke me up early one morning an announced he wanted to go hiking. Under duress, I agreed and by noon we’d made it to the top of Ben Lomond. After finishing the picnic Andrew had prepared, he suddenly asked “Are you ready for dessert?” He then took a ring box out from his backpack, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!”


Ann, 32 weeks pregnant with his first child

“My husband Ben doesn’t exactly function well in the kitchen. For our third wedding anniversary, he told me he had made reservations for a nice restaurant in town. When I arrived home from work, the aroma of something undeniably wonderful filled the house. I followed a trail of burning candles into the kitchen, where Ben had spent the day preparing a romantic dinner from my Italian grandmother’s recipes – all with only a little help from my best friend!”

Francesca, 32 weeks pregnant with her first child

“When I was pregnant with Alfie, and on maternity leave, I was spending a lot of time at home feeling pretty exhausted and trying to get things ready for the baby. Throughout that time, I constantly found notes with lovely quotes or sweet messages taped to odd places around the house from my boyfriend. I’d be putting groceries in the cupboard and there I’d find another little note. These made me smile so wide I forgot all about my achy feet and massive belly.”

Rose, mum to Alfie, 6 months

“My partner planned a surprise weekend at a spa just for the 2 of us. He even had my mum come to look after our son. It was such a treat to ne whisked away and to indulge in pampering all weekend. And for a bloke who would rather go to the football, I’d say he quite enjoyed it too!”

Maz, 23 weeks pregnant

“I’d only been seeing my boyfriend for a couple of months when I received a parcel through the post. Inside was some beautiful – and rather saucy – lingerie from him. He’d even managed to get the size spot on (it turned out he’d borrowed one of my bras to get it right). There was also a lovely note attached. I knew I had to hang on to a man like that, and we’re now married!”

Kate, 36 weeks pregnant with her first child

“Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Each week or the 5 years we’ve been married, my husband Adam has bought me home a bouquet. There’s always a surprise in what type of flower he’s chosen that week: roses, orchids, sunflowers…he really mixes it up!”

Ruth, 30 weeks pregnant with her first child

“I didn’t feel particularly sexy during my first pregnancy – more like a whale! My husband was so supportive, telling me how beautiful I was and being patient even when I was crabby. One day, when he’d gone to work and I’d got up late after feeling ill, I found an envelope in the kitchen table. It was a beautiful love letter from my husband, telling me he loved me more than ever. It was just what I needed to make me feel better.”


Alison, 23 weeks pregnant with her second child

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