Children love arty activities but sometimes, for us parents, all the splattery paint-and-paintbrush mayhem can get a bit much. What we love about this beautiful dandelion painting idea, though, is that it's simple, self-contained and (relatively) splatter-free.


MFM crafter mum Sarah Cummins has tested the idea out with her daughter Annabelle, 6 – and they've shared some brilliant step-by-step pictures with us.

Sarah says she and Annabelle had great fun together, cutting up the loo roll tube and then dipping it in white paint and printing beautiful swirly dandelion patterns on paper. Though Annabelle is 6, they both agree that this is an art activity younger children – even toddlers (with a little help) would really enjoy too.

Here's how to make dandelion art, in 7 easy steps

how to make dandelion art materials
Pic: Sarah Cummins

You will need:

  • Cardboard loo roll tube or kitchen roll tube
  • Scissors
  • Plate or an old eggbox
  • Kitchen foil (if using a plate)
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Cotton wool
  • Cotton bud or paintbrush

Step 1: Cutting and Preparing Cardboard Tube

Cut from the end of the cardboard tube inwards towards the middle. Repeat all the way around the edge, leaving a little space between each cut, so you're creating strips. The thinner the strips, the better the end result! If you want to make a variety of dandelion sizes, use more than 1 cardboard tube and cut shorter or longer strips.

how to make dandelion art step 1
Pic: Sarah Cummins

Step 2: Flattening the Strips

Push down on the cardboard tube with your palm to flatten and spread out the strips.

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how to make dandelion art step 2
Pic: Sarah Cummins

Step 3: Creating Paint Prints

If you're using a plate, cover it with kitchen foil. Pour some paint onto your plate or into a section of your old egg box. (We chose white paint, but you can use coloured if you want, too.) Dip your cardboard tube, strips-side-down, into the paint and then make a print on your paper. Rotate the tube and then print on top the pattern you've just printed to create a dandelion effect.

how to make dandelion art step 3
Pic: Sarah Cummins

Step 4: Repeating Print Process

Repeat as many times as you want and then make more flower prints. Remember to rotate the tube and print on top as you go. We think 3 to 5 dandelions on a piece of A4 paper looks best.

how to make dandelion art step 4
Pic: Sarah Cummins

Step 5: Adding Cotton Wool Centers

Now dip the cotton wool into your paint and dab it in the centre of each dandelion.

how to make dandelion art step 5
Pic: Sarah Cummins

Step 6: Painting Stems

Use a cotton bud or a paintbrush, dipped in the paint, to make a stem for each dandelion.

how to do dandelion art step 6
Pic: Sarah Cummins

Step 7: Drying and Displaying

Leave to dry and then display proudly!

how to do dandelion art finished
Pic: Sarah Cummins

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