Incredibles 2 review for families – 5 things you should know before you see it

The long-awaited PG-rated Incredibles sequel is out! But is it as good as the first? And will your kids love it even if they haven't seen the original film? Also, are there any super-scary bits?


Here at MFM HQ we do love a good superhero movie – so we were pretty excited when we heard that crime-fighting fam The Incredibles would be making a comeback ???


Incredibles 2 arrives on UK screens on Friday 13 July 2018, a whopping 14 years after the original first hit cinemas in 2004 ?

But there’s always a bit of a question mark over any sequel, isn’t there? Especially when a film was brilliant in the first place. So, how does Incredibles 2 fare against its predecessor?

Here’s everything you need to know before you take your kids to see Incredibles 2

In a nutshell

We loved this movie and thought it was a worthy sequel. It has all the action, fun and pace we were hoping for.

But there are few things we reckon it might be handy to know if you’re thinking of taking the kids when it opens here this week…

1. It doesn’t matter if the kids haven’t seen the original Incredibles movie

If you have a chance to get your children excited about seeing the new film by showing them the first instalment, fab. But if you run out of time – don’t worry.

Our reviewer took her 6-year-old who knew nothing about the original movie and it didn’t leave any gaps at all. (Though now they’ll definitely be watching the original at home ?)

2. It’s pure superhero action from start to finish

If you’re not mad on full-on action sequences all the way through a movie, this might not be for you. Incredibles 2 is action-packed from beginning to end, and it rarely slows or quietens at any point.

So if you, or your kids, prefer the quieter, softer, more contemplative movies – this one might not hit the spot.

3. There’s a character some children might find scary

The Guardian asked if the baddy in Incredibles 2 – known as ‘Screenslaver’ – was the most controversial villain ever ?


We’re not sure about that, but we do know he’s got a pretty scary presence, and our reviewer’s daughter, at least, got quite upset whenever he appeared.

There is an ‘unmasking’, which settled her nerves a bit, but you might just want to bear this mind if you have a particularly sensitive child.

4. There’s an epilepsy warning at the beginning of the film

If you or someone you’re going to the movie with has epilepsy, it’s worth noting that the movie starts with a warning about a scene that contains a sequence of flashing lights.

The light flashes happen during an encounter between Elastigirl and Screenslaver. 


This screen grab might help to give you an idea of what happens in the scene: there is movement from the characters and multiple white lights flash across the screen.

If you’re at all worried you might want to reconsider going – because it has unfortunately affected audience members, as this tweet shows.


5. Which actors are doing the voices

Now, this one goes for all animated movies as far as we’re concerned: halfway through you’re bugged out trying to work out which famous voices you can hear.

So, make sure you know before you go ?  Our reviewer was driven to distraction trying decipher Elastigirl’s voice – she thought it was Jodie Foster (it’s not!).

The main ones you probably want to know are:

  • Elastigirl – Helen Hunt
  • Mr Incredible – Craig T Nelson (it’s the same actor who played him in the first one!)
  • Frozone – Samuel L Jackson

Incredibles 2 comes out on general release UK cinemas on Friday 13 July

Images: Pixar

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