Journeys with your child causing trouble?

Travelling with your tot isn’t always easy, so here mums offer their best advice…


Be prepared

“Re-pack your tot’s changing bag when you get in from a day out, so it’s ready for next time, instead of doing it before you need to rush out. It’ll save you time and stop you getting stressed, especially when you can’t find things. Even though you may be tired from a day out, it’s worth it in the long run for a busy mum.”


Claire Lacovara, 29, from Croydon, mum to Florence, 8 months

Unexpected little trips

“When I had Scarlet, I put together a bag with some extra nappies, wipes, toys and crayons in the car for those ‘caught-out’ times when you’re out longer than expected or need to nip out when you haven’t planned to.”

Hannah Dohoney, 23, from Liverpool, mum to Scarlet, 1

Easy holiday packing

“When Adam was born, I began making a list on the computer of everything we took on holiday. Now I add to it each year, so I don’t have to write it all out each time and I won’t forget something one year that was essential the year before. It’s got all Adam and Jamie’s things on it, right down to an Iggle Piggle toy.”

Carolyn Toogood,39, from Derby, mum to Adam,4, and Jamie,2

Suncream success

“I always make sure I test the suncream on my little one’s palm before applying it to her face, just to see whether she’s sensitive to it. We carry the spray variety too, as it’s easy to apply when we’re on the move. My fave brand is Soltan.”


Bhuvana Jayavlu, 26, from Hayes, mum to Diya, 18 months.

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