So the morning sickness has been pretty bad then?


Oh yes – it’s so much worse than when I was pregnant with Oscar, 2½, and I thought it was bad then! It lasts all day. I was sick in the car on the way in today, but I always carry my dog poo bags around to throw up in emergencies because they’re so thick!

Sounds horrible. How do you cope?

Well a good night’s sleep is a must as without it I’m sicker the next day. I have to keep my sugar levels topped up so bananas are perfect because they’re a quick fix of fructose, which is the right type of sugar. I’ve also been living on wholewheat digestives between meals, which seems to be helping.

What about cravings?

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In early pregnancy I desperately wanted crispy bacon, which is strange as I’m not much of a meat eater. And I absolutely can’t go near red onion. If I even see it on a salad I’m like, ‘Uh-oh, get me out of here quick.’

How did you lose your baby weight so quickly?

I actually had something called postnatal thyroiditis (an abnormal thyroid gland, which destabilises the metabolism), which made me lose weight and I was really ill with flu-like symptoms. It cleared up after seven months so I was very lucky.

But I would say to any new mum, don’t feel under pressure to lose the weight. You’ve done an amazing thing by housing a baby for nine months and giving birth, so take the time to get back to normal.

Did you always want to have another?

We planned to have a baby this year. We didn’t think it would happen so quickly, but I think a three-year age gap is perfect.

Would you like another boy, or a girl?

I’d love a girl because I’m very girly so it’d be nice to have one of each, although if we have another boy I can imagine my fiancé Paul saying we’ll keep trying until it’s a girl. I’m not so sure… I’ll see how the second ones goes first. Obviously if it’s a boy we’ll still be delighted.

How are you coping with a toddler and pregnancy?

I didn’t realise it would be so hard and I think that’s why I’m sicker. Everyone says second and third pregnancies are more difficult and I think it’s because you’ve got other children to look after so there’s less time to rest.

Does Paul help out?

He’s great when he can, but he’s a professional rugby player so he does funny hours. When he is here though, Oscar gets his full attention and I get a proper rest.

Is he keen to get Oscar into rugby?

Yes, and he’s even shown him a bit of tackling! Oscar loves it and knows the difference between a rugby ball and football. He’s got other ball games too that he loves, like Playskool’s Chase Me Critter – he puts the balls in and really enjoys catching them when they pop out.

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