Relight my fire

If romance - like sleep - is a distant memory, try the following tips to help you and your partner regain your pre-baby intimacy.


Having a baby can rob you of energy and inclination, but there’s no excuse for letting the love fade from your relationship at any time of year.


Sex-ing up your partnership could be just the way to remind yourself what was so great about becoming a mummy in the first place!

Our five-point plan should help warm things up between you and your partner: 

1 Schedule a baby-free ‘date night’ once a month. Book a babysitter, make an effort to get dressed up and rediscover the fascinating, sexy people that you were before you became parents.

2 As often as you can, have proper, sit-down meals together, with cutlery, candles, coffee and chocolates. And don’t turn on the TV!

3 You’re always telling him off for leaving the loo seat up, but how many times do you tell him he’s a great dad? From now on, make a commitment to give five compliments for every criticism.

4 Develop a shared interest – whether it’s bowling, the cinema or salsa – so you’ll always have things in common outside the family. But don’t neglect your individual interests either, that way you’ll always have new things to talk about.


5 Once a week, do something special for him ‘just because’. Everyone’s definition of romance is different and while you might love flowers, he’ll probably be equally chuffed with his favourite beer and a steak and kidney pie.

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