Rio 2 – reviewed by a 7 year old (OK, her dad really)

Is it laugh out loud funny? Yes, if you're 7, which is a good start as it's one of the big kids' movies this Easter. Our intrepid dad and his daughter give their verdict...


With all eyes on Brazil ahead of this summer’s World Cup, Jessie Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway make a timely return as endangered blue macaws Blu and Jewel for animated sequel Rio 2.


So what’s it all about?

Now settled with their human owners Linda in Rio, Jewel is concerned that Blu and their three children have become too domesticated – with a fondness for pancakes, iPods and sat navs!

When news comes of a blue macaw colony in the Amazon, Jewel decides the family should return to the wild. Arriving in the Amazonian rainforest Jewel is reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Roberto, played by Bruno Mars. This sets-up a classic fish out of water tale, as neurotic Blu tries to get to grips with life without his creature comforts and is increasingly threatened by rival Roberto.

Will it keep the kids entertained?

The colourful 3D animated film features a large array of exotic birds and animals to keep little ones’ eyes boggling. But it’s the lively soundtrack, including numbers by Anne Hathaway (yes, she really can sing) and Bruno Mars that will get them dancing in their seats. There was also an Amazon’s Got Talent bit that everyone enjoyed.

Was it funny?

My daughter Nuala, 7, loved it. She laughed out loud throughout. In fact, she laughed so much that the wobbly tooth she’s been fiddling with for weeks came out. I had to quickly stuff it in one of the 3D glasses packets to keep it safe for the tooth fairy.

Does it have a good message?

The macaws’ habitat is endangered by illegal loggers so as the film progresses a positive eco-friendly theme emerges.

Overall verdict

It’s a perfect feel-good (if slightly un-demanding) Easter family film treat.

Rio 2 is in cinemas nationwide now. Watch the trailer here.

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