Romantic men make the best fathers, says expert

Look out for the one holding the flowers as it’s likely he’ll be a great dad


If you’re a romantic at heart, rejoice! According to a new study, those men who are more romantic in a relationship are thought to make better fathers.


Research carried out by Dr Abigail Millings, of Bristol University, shows that some of the same attributes of a romantic partner are necessary for being a caring parent.

The study looked at 125 couples with children aged between 7 and 8 years, taking into account factors such as ‘care-giving responsiveness’ and the ‘capacity to understand the needs of someone else’, reports the Telegraph.

Dr Millings said, “In romantic relationships and in parenting, this might mean noticing when the other person has had a bad day, knowing how to cheer them up, and whether they even want cheering up.”

Although, perhaps don’t hold out for Mr Romance for too long, as according to the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin journal, the way people care towards their partner has no bearing on how the partner in turn behaves as a parent.


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