Save Our Spaces!

Join the campaign to save our parent and child car parking spaces...


We’re thrilled our Save Our Spaces campaign – to stop misuse of parent and child parking spaces – has struck such a chord.


It’s an issue that drives you crazy – and now the almost 20,000+ users who have expressed their frustration by supporting our campaign via the website are finally seeing some action.

Since we began our campaign some supermarkets including Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are starting to take this issue more seriously and have introduced a squad of bay watchers and hefty fines to drive down the misuse of parent and child parking spaces.

But a recent survey* found 19% of Brits have parked in parent and child parking spaces without a child in the car. What’s more, about 50% think our spaces should be scrapped!

Now we want to see how many more Babyexpert users are prepared to stand up and be counted: add your name to our online petition by going to the chat thread and posting your support for the S.O.S. campaign.

The more of you that sign up, the more influence we have with supermarkets and shopping centres across the country. Our campaign is already making a real difference, with Asda and Sainsbury’s both prepared to take on bay blockers and fine them. If you sign up you will ensure that your voice is added to the campaign and we can go on and influence more stores.

Do email us with your own views too:


*Survey of 2,000 drivers conducted by

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