Saving for your child

What to do with that Child Trust Fund cheque? We have expert advice for you in a BabyExpert webchat.


Soon after your child is born, you’ll get a cheque through the post – £250 to kick off your baby’s Child Trust Fund.


Where should you put it to ensure you get the best return on the money? Can you guarantee it is put aside to pay for your child’s future education, car or deposit on a property?

If you’re not sure how best to invest that Child Trust Fund cheque, you’ll appreciate our online webchat 12-1pm on Monday June 9 with financial experts from – one of the UK’s leading independent children’s savings websites.

They can advise on more than what to do with your CTF money. Join in for information about how to save for your child’s future, the best ways to keep down tax bills, how friends and family can contribute to your child’s savings.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to make your own finances go further now you’ve got a family?  

A baby can be an exciting, but expensive, addition to your family, especially when you add up the cost of equipment, nappies, food, clothes – and that’s just the first year! Factor in holidays, bikes, more clothes and food, plus eventually driving lessons and university and you can end up wondering how you’re ever going to afford it.

Join us on June 9th for answers to your financial questions. Joe Luong from and Steve Weisner from Radcliffe Newlands will be on hand to help.

Steve Weisner is a Senior Independent Financial Adviser for Radcliffe & Newlands, and has worked as a financial adviser since 1997, specializing in the areas of pensions, savings, investments & protection.

Joe Luong is the Director of, which he set up three years ago. Previously, Joe worked as the Chief Accountant for some of the biggest hotel and leisure chains, bringing the long-term vision of Business Finance to Family Finance. His role is to help to educate and inform mums and dads on the merits of saving for their children’s future.


Saving for your child webchat: join us in the BabyExpert chatrooms on Monday June 9, 12-1pm. 

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