Are separate family areas on planes a good idea?

Can you see the benefits for those travelling with little ones as well as those flying kid-free?


If you’ve ever done a flight with a baby or toddler, you probably know how tough it can be.


Unless you get really lucky and they sleep through the whole journey (yeah, right ?) you could experience anything from a mid-flight poonmai to full on meltdown that can make it feel as though all eyes are on YOU.

And while there are plenty of stories about how lovely strangers can be to parents struggling with their littles ones on a plane, it’s possibly no surprise that a recent survey has suggested more than half (52%) of air passengers would like to see ‘family zones’ on planes to separate those with kids from those without.

And, here at MFM HQ, we have to say we can certainly see some merits.

Knowing you’re sitting around other people who totally get what kids can be like on a flight might make you feel a little less stressed out at the thought yours might have a tantrum.

And, who knows – if you’re really lucky, your child might find the other little ones around them to be a good distraction.

Mums on our forum though had pretty mixed views on this one…

 “Many trains have had ‘quiet coaches’ for years so seeing some other transport companies starting to introduce the same doesn’t seem that big a deal,” says Kazzie M. “Though I would be interested in seeing how they separate ‘quiet’ from ‘non-quiet’…”

“As a Mum to 5 and a nan to 12 I love children of all ages but I get completely why passengers would want children/babies in one section of a plane,” says NikkiB.

“I have always found it stressful trying to ensure my children are not disturbing other people so to be among other parents in the same position would make it easier.”

Though, perhaps as SugarSpice85 puts it –  it’s not as simple as dividing the parents from the non-parents.

“I am the first to admit I get frustrated (internally at least) if I end up sitting next to a baby who won’t stop crying or a particularly badly-behaved child, but the same goes for a group of drunk people or an adult who won’t stop talking when I just want to read my book!” she says.

“It’s just one of those things you have to deal with if you fly. Not all children are badly behaved, and not all badly behaved people on flights are children!”

Hmmm, lots of food for thought there.

What do you think?

Would you approve of a family zone on flights? Or does it seem unfair to segregate parents and their kids from everyone else? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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