We love this DIY guide to making a Grass Hedgehog from TheDadLab - perfect for children who like to experiment and get crafty.


As it takes a while for the hedgehog's grassy spikes to grow, it'll also teach kids all about plants and how to look after them properly (with lots of water and care!).

Doesn't hurt that it'll teach them a little bit of patience, too ?

What you'll need

  • A bowlful of sawdust that you can get from a pet shop
  • PVA or other water resistant glue
  • An old stocking or pair of tights
  • A small bowl and a large bowl
  • A quarter of a cup of grass seed
  • 2 googly eyes and a button for a nose
  • Permanent marker or acrylic paints

Give yourself about 30 minutes to make this one - and devote a couple of minutes each day to keep the hedgehog watered.

How to make it

1. Cut off a roughly 50 cm length of stocking leg. Make sure it's open at both ends – cut off the foot section if necessary. Tightly tie a knot in one end. Trim the knot closely.

2. Turn the stocking tube inside out so that the knot is inside. Stretch the open end over the small bowl.

3. Pour in the grass seed. Pour the sawdust on top of this. Remove the stocking from the bowl, squeeze the contents and tie up the open end.

4. Trim the knot closely. Turn it over so the grass seeds are at the top, and mould to shape so that your hedgehog has a snout. Glue on the eyes using water-resistant glue.

5. Add the button nose… …and draw on the whiskers with permanent marker or acrylic paint.

6. Leave for a while to make sure the glue and paint have dried out. Fill the large bowl with water. Immerse the hedgehog to make it damp. Put it on a plate and set it by a window with plenty of light.

7. After a few days, the seeds should begin to sprout through the stocking. Keep watering daily! At some point, your hedgehog might need a hair cut...

The (awesome) result...

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Images: TheDadLab

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