Twitter-mad dad tweets live pics of son’s birth

Aidan McManus documents Finn’s arrival into the world via social media


UK dad Aidan McManus documented his son’s birth in a rather unusual way – by loading snaps onto his Twitter account!


The 32-year-old made a ‘live’ photo diary of Finn’s journey into the world, tweeting pics of wife Tracy’s arrival at Ormskirk General Hospital right through to her caesarean delivery.

Each snap included a hilarious caption from ‘Let’s get this baby out’ to ‘Soon to be occupied #birthlivestream’.

Aidan, who is an avid Twitter user, says he got the idea after watching his friends tweeting ‘in the moment’ pics from their weddings.

“[Tracy and I] didn’t really discuss it before hand. She didn’t give me any rules or dos or don’ts, but in the end there were a lot more graphic photos I wasn’t willing to share,” said Aidan, reports the Daily Mail.

“From taking each photo, applying a filter, writing the caption and tweeting it probably took about 20 seconds so I was able to get them straight out there for people to see.”

Do you think this is a great idea or a case of over sharing on social media? Tell us your thoughts below…

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