Want to feel energised not exhausted?

Here are five simple tricks to help pick you up. Go on, try them today.


1. Go for a walk A US study discovered if people who usually exercised three times a week stopped, they became more tired and depressed. What’s more, fresh air is proven to help your baby sleep better. What’s not to like?


2. Snack on figs Iron deficiency is common in women and can make you tired. Just four dried figs provide over a quarter of your daily iron requirements.

3. Get minty Peppermint is a fab energiser – put a few drops of essential oil on a tissue and sniff it when you need a boost. Remember peppermint isn’t suitable if you’re pregnant.

4. Take a power nap Researchers in the US found an hour’s kip helped volunteers perform better in tests – in fact, nappers did as well as those who’d had two full nights’ sleep.


5. Try acupressure Another US study found that stimulating certain acupressure points on your body keeps you more alert. Tap the Si Shen Chong point, in the centre of the top of your head, for two minutes.

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