It's normal to occasionally squirt milk from your breasts when you climax

When you move into your second trimester and break the news of the pregnancy to relatives and friends, suddenly everyone has an opinion on your growing family. Sex should be something that’s just for you and your man to know about, which you’ll appreciate as the world and his wife gets involved with everything else over the next six months.


“My sex drive soared!”

“At about 14 weeks, and after pretty bad morning sickness during my first trimester, I suddenly found my sex drive again! We started having sex a couple of times a week and it became spontaneous and fun, like before we started trying for a baby. My husband wasn’t put off by my tum. In fact, he appreciated my new curves, showering me with kisses and compliments. It felt like such a special time and was a brilliant few weeks of us being really connected before I went into my third trimester and started thinking about the birth more than my pregnancy,” said Helen Ashby, 31, from Kent, 36 weeks pregnant

Your body

This is the stage where your hormones start preparing for your baby, and this, along with a blooming bump, fuller boobs and thicker hair, might make you feel really sexy.

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“Arousal during pregnancy can come and go, but it’s between three to six months where you might feel the most turned on,” says Rachel. “After tiredness and morning sickness in the first 12 weeks, your new womanly bump size and general wellbeing means you’ll be raring to go!”

Cheeky treat

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Your man

Most men will love your new shape, especially your fuller boobs and new-found curves, so make the most of this time together, exploring your pregnant form. He might also feel a little awkward as your tummy grows and becomes more round, as suddenly the whole thing becomes real. Remember to talk it through and if he’s a little put off by your growing belly, enjoy time lying together where the tum isn’t between you both, for example spooning for a cuddle, so he’s curled around you from behind.

Squirting milk during sex

Q. As I climax, I sometimes squirt milk from my breasts. Is this normal?

A. Yes. “Your breasts will get fuller as your pregnancy progresses, and some women find their breasts leak or squirt milk as they reach orgasm,” explains Rachel. “It’s normal, and some men love it. But if it bothers you, buy a gorgeous maternity bra and pop breast pads into each cup to catch the leaks.”

Position of the trimester – On all fours

This is a great position to try as you get used to your growing bump, as you can relax down into your tummy. The key to this is communication, so your man knows how deeply he should be thrusting and what’s comfy for you.

Oral sex for both of you is fine during pregnancy and can be enjoyable if you don’t fancy full sex with a big bump.

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