Bathtime with your toddler

Mums share their top tips on how to wash your toddler’s hair and make bathtime fun


For stress-free bath times

“I used to get a bit wound up at bath time as Aimee hated getting her hair wet and she was very active so I got soaked every time. The solution was to get in the bath with her. I also now wash her hair with a damp flannel instead of a jug of water, which works for now!”


Jessica Ball, 25, from Sussex, mum to Aimee, 7 months, and Dylan, 3

For easy dressing

“Abi used to have two favourite dresses and would throw a tantrum if they needed washing and she couldn’t wear them. I let her help me sort the laundry and load the machine. She loved watching it spin and helping to hang the dresses up and soon realised how nice they were washed.”

Justine Fields, 30, from Lincoln, mum to Abi, 4

For happy hair washing

“Daniel went through a stage of hating having his hair washed. To get around it, we invented a game, telling him to lie back in the shallow water, saying he looked like a mermaid who was doing ‘backwards swimming’. He loved it and now does it every bath time, and we get his hair nice and clean without a fuss.”

Nicky Ward, 46, from Devon, mum to Daniel, 3

“Jessie hates, and I mean HATES, having her hair washed, and causes such a fuss when I pour the water over her head. I get around it by using a wet cloth on her hair, then I shampoo it and rinse off with the cloth again. She doesn’t mind this as much as water poured over her, and it saves the bathroom floor from her splashing.”

Helen Pauls, 34, from Devon, mum to Jessie, 3

For bathtime fun

“For cheap and easy bath play with my little ones, I squirt a little bit of shaving foam on their tummies and rub it over them. They both seem to love it and it doesn’t cost a lot which is a bonus.”


Philippa Hemming, 36, from Salisbury, mum to Ethan, 21 months, and Libby, 3 months

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