Help your toddler fight the seasonal sniffles

Coughs, colds and flu, your one stop guide to seasonal toddler illnesses


Whether it’s just a sniffle, a nasty cough or the flu, you’ll want to do as much as you can to help your little one fight off the bugs. It’s also important to make sure you know when to call the doctor and that you’re clued up on the symptoms of more serious illnesses such meningitis. 


Help is at hand. Check out MFM’s guide to spotting, treating and beating nursery winter illnesses…

  • Nursery illnesses: When your child reaches the age where he’ll go to pre-school or nursery, he’ll be exposed to a host of bugs and illnesses. What are the symptoms and how do you treat them?
  • Toddler winter health guide: How to deal with winter’s common complaints, using traditional methods and medicines, as well as natural remedies.
  • Q&A: Your queries on toddler coughs and colds answered: Junior magazine’s Dr Philippa Kaye answers common questions on toddler seasonal sniffles
  • Give your child a health MOT: A guide to toddler health checks, and signs to look out for to ensure your toddler’s development is normal.

How to tell if it’s something more serious

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