How to get the most from your toddler

Strengthen the bond you have with your toddler by following super nanny Jo Frost’s top tips and advice…


The more time you spend helping your toddler make sense of his world, the more he’ll get out of it. From everyday activities to special outings, there’s so much you can do. And discovering new things together means you’re having fun too! Here’s how…

For a child’s future success, mum and dad’s involvement and attention matters more than money.

Get organised

How you use your time is key to having an enjoyable family life with little ones. Whether that means finding an extra 10 minutes to make sure that mountain of clean washing gets put away, or organising a basket in the lounge to store all those library books so they won’t get lost.

Getting organised means you’re on top of things and your little one will be getting the best from you because you won’t be run ragged, so you’ll have a happier, better behaved child. You’ll find that once you have a routine in place for one part of the day, it’s much easier to implement one at other times.


Let him be responsible

Whether it’s getting him to put away his toys, pick up his clothes or simply choose what snack he wants, giving your toddler responsibilities is an important milestone in raising a confident child. Accepting responsibility is an important life skill and it’ll also teach your little one to accept changes in life. At the same time, you need to accept your responsibilities as a parent and set a good example for your children to follow.

According to the latest figures, almost two out of every three children, aged 3 to 4 years, head off to nursery.

Get your tot socialising

Children learn so much from their peer group. Playing with children his own age will teach your little one about socialising and interacting with other people, and being with slightly older children is exciting and gives him something to aim for. Next time you’re at the nursery door, start talking to one of the other mums. If you become friends, your child can make friends with her child. As a nanny I’d see the same nannies out and about every day, and before I knew it I had a network of good friends.

"So, Yoshi, is it true you don’t know your 12 times table yet?"

Give him boundaries

You need to start putting boundaries in place for your little one as soon as he can understand them. He may not appreciate it from the start, but boundaries need to be there to keep him safe and help him get on in life. You also need rules in place to ensure that the boundaries are observed.


Of course, as well as enforcing rules and boundaries you should also make sure you encourage him and give him plenty of praise and rewards for good behaviour. You also need to make sure you don’t restrict him too much. You still want to let him fall occasionally and have to pick himself up.

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