How to introduce a potty training routine

Potty Lady expert Amanda Jenner's top 10 tips for establishing a routine during potty training


One of the single best things you can do to ensure potty training success is to bring consistency to your little one’s potty training routine. Consistency helps them build their confidence. If they come to know exactly what to do when it’ll soon become second nature!


But routines all too often start well, and then drift off. Here’s how to introduce a successful routine that’s easy to stick to:

  1. Before you even start potty training, make sitting on the potty (even in clothes!) a regular thing so that when your little one comes to start training their potty will feel totally familiar.
  2. As soon as you start training, encourage your little one to go to the potty or toilet as soon as they get up each morning.
  3. In the early days of potty training, try to stick to the same phrase when encouraging a visit, for example: “It’s potty time.” The more familiar the whole routine is the more confident they’ll feel with it
  4. Once your little one has got to grips with the potty training basics try to get them into the routine of trying the potty every 2-3 hours

5. Make sure they get into the habit of washing their hands as a fundamental (and non-negotiable!) part of the potty routine from day 1.

6. When your child has a big drink, such as with their morning snack or lunch time meal, keep an eye on the time and check if they feel they need to go to the potty 20-30 minutes after.

7. In the first few weeks of potty training, try to keep a record of their weeing and pooing cycle so you can start to build a picture of when they’ll need to go before accidents happen. Having a clear idea of your child’s natural cycle will also help you spot issues such as constipation before they become a real problem.

8. If your little one still has a daytime nap, encourage them to visit the potty before they go to sleep. It’s important to do this even if they’re still wearing a nappy for sleeps as it helps to establish a good foundation for eventually staying dry through sleep times too.

9. Get your little one into the habit of going to the potty or toilet before you go out anywhere – even if you’re only popping out. Make it part of your routine to always take a travel potty with you to ensure there are no big stresses if your little one is suddenly caught short.

10. Make a potty or toilet visit as much a part of the bedtime routine as tooth brushing. Visit the potty each night just before they snuggle into bed for a story. Starting this habit from day 1 of potty training really helps when it comes to tackling staying dry at night.


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