What you’ll need:

  • Sheets of coloured card, measuring 16.5cm x 21cm
  • White pencil
  • Scalloped tag punch – optional
  • White card
  • Sheet of clear acetate
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Ribbon or string
  • Scissors
  • Paper fasteners
  • Oval punch – optional

Step 1

Before you begin, prepare the card. Score the long side at 1cm, 6cm, 11cm and 16cm. Then rotate the card clockwise and score the short side at 5cm and 11.5cm. Then shade the areas shown above with white pencil.

Step 2

Cut away the white highlighted areas and make an oval-shaped hole for the window as shown. Either by hand or using a scalloped tag punch, trim the top sections and put a little hole in the top centre of each section so that they can join together to make the top of your box.

Step 3

Cut a piece of acetate slightly larger than the oval window and let your child tape it to the inside of the box. Attach double-sided sticky tape to the side and base panels, then fold base panel 1 and stick A to the underside of B. Adhere the underside of panel 2 to 1, 3 to 2 and lastly 4 to 3. If he is able, let your child help you to assemble the box.

Step 4

Insert a paper fastener into the two short top flaps and separate the two pins to hold the sections together and the box closed.

Step 5

Cut a piece of white card measuring 5cm x 8.5cm to be used as a tag and make a small hole in the top. Let your child decorate the tag – he can use bits of coloured paper, pens, pencils, paints or stamps. While he does this, you can cut small pieces (roughly 15cm long) of coloured ribbon or string to attach the tag with.

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Step 6

Your child can then put a chocolate egg in the box, then help him to thread pieces of ribbon through the hole in the tag and the top two longer flaps of the box. Tie the pieces securely together and your ‘egg-cellently’ presented Easter egg is now ready to give to your loved one!

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