Small children – from toddler to preschooler to primary-school age (and, we suspect, beyond!) – love water play. As soon as the weather's half-way warm enough, they'll happily spend hours pouring water from 1 bucket to another, washing dolls or splashing in a paddling pool.


And water-play-based games, like this Water Splat one, are a sure-fit hit, too – all the more so because you and your child can have fun making the 'splat bundles' you need to play the game from simple items you have round the house.

MFM crafter mum Abi Walker created this craft-and-play activity with her daughter Maisie, 2 – and has shared some great step-by-step how-to pictures with us. She says she and Maisie had the best time making the sponge 'splat' bundles, soaking them in water and then sploshing them on their patio (and on each other):

We had so much fun with these today! So simple to make and so many laughs. My daughter is too young to work a water pistol, so this was our version of a water fight!
Abi Walker, MFM crafter and mum to Maisie, 2

Here's how to make and play the Water Splat game

water splat game materials
Pic: Abi Walker

You will need:

  • Cellulose sponges (washing-up sponges) x 4
  • Scissors
  • Elastic bands or hairbands x 8

Step 1: Cutting Sponge Strips

Cut your sponges into width-wide strips.

water splat game step 1
Pic: Abi Walker

Step 2: Dividing Strips into Finger-sized Pieces

Cut each strip in half to make little stumpy finger-sized pieces.

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water splat game step 2
Pic: Abi Walker

Step 3: Creating Sponge Bunches

Bunch 8 pieces of sponge together in 2 layers of 4 pieces.

water splat game step 3
Pic: Abi Walker

Step 4: Securing with Elastic Bands

Use an elastic band or hair elastics to secure your bunch of 8 pieces together.

water splat game step 4
Pic: Abi Walker

Step 5: Completing the "Splat Bunches"

Repeat with the other pieces of sponge until you have used up all your pieces, and have about 10 'splat bunches'.

water splat game step 5
Pic: Abi Walker

Step 6: Soaking and Splatting

Splay out the ends of every bunch and then soak all the bunches in water. When they've soaked up the water, you can throw them with a big, satisfying splat on the ground or even have a little water fight. Have fun!

water splat game final step
Pic: Abi Walker

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