How to raise a happy child

Being a parent is a big job. You are the biggest influence on your child, so how can you make sure you get it right?


We all want to know our children are happy, secure and successful, but how can you go about making sure you raise a child to be all these things?


Children learn by example. Set them the right example and you are on the way to raising a child who is confident enough to make her own way in the world.

Ensuring your child has secure roots will give her the strength to grow in herself.

Try these nine steps to raising a happy child:

    1. Praise your child whenever you can, as it is one of the most loving things you can do.
    2. Set limits that are in your child’s best interest, and explain them clearly.
    3. Show your child the importance of dedication. If you work hard at your job or contribute time to your community, this will be a good example for him.
    4. Make friends feel welcome in your home, and expose your child to people you like. It will show her the benefits of good relationships.
    5. Encourage open communication. Family members should always be allowed to talk about what’s bothering them and to share happy news.
    6. Spend time together by establishing a family mealtime or playtime, when you can all be together to share and learn from each other.
    7. Encourage thoughtfulness by showing the importance of helping others.
    8. Respect your child and he’ll learn to respect you and others, too.
    9. Reduce angry interactions at home as it should be a place for love and support.

    Taken from How To Raise A Happy Child by Professor Javad H Kashani (£12.99, Vermilion)

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