Solve toddler sleep problems

Answers to common toddler sleep problems.


Solve toddler sleep problems

How can I stop my toddler waking at 5.30am every day?

Get a nightlight and connect it to a timer switch. Explain he should only get out of bed if the light is on and, if it isn’t, he should try to go back to sleep or lie quietly in his bed until it comes on. Use a rewards system, such as a sticker chart, to encourage him.


Solve toddler sleep problems

How do I use a toddler clock to train my toddler to have a lie-in?

If your child is an early riser, you might want to give a toddler clock a try. Some mums swear by it. The display on this Kidsleep clock (£34.99, Bllooming Marvellous) shows an animal awake or asleep. Get your toddler to help put the bunny ‘to sleep’ at night and set the alarm for the desired wake-up time. Your child will then learn not to get out of bed until the scene indicates it is daytime and the bunny has woken up.On the first day, set the alarm for your toddler’s usual wake-up time, get up at the same time and give your child a reward. Each day, set the timer for 15 minutes later, until you’ve reached a reasonable waking time.


Solve toddler sleep problems

When should children drop their daytime naps?

By the age of two and a half, toddlers should be getting 12-14 hours sleep in 24 hours. If he gets a good 12 hours at night and still gets drowsy during the day, let him have a nap of up to an hour but keep his bedtime the same. If he doesn’t get drowsy, he may be ready to cut out his daytime sleep altogther. Alternatively, a 30-minute power nap could be enough to see him through to bedtime.


Solve toddler sleep problems

My toddler still wakes in the night for milk. How can I wean her off this?

By this age, a drink of milk in the night is probably more for reassurance than due to hunger. Try reducing the amount of milk you give her by a small amount (1oz) each night. You can replace the food with some other form of comfort – try putting your toddler to sleep with a box of bits and pieces such as a torch, picture of mum and dad, a book and a favourite toy.


Solve toddler sleep problems

I want my children to share a room but am afraid the baby will wake up my toddler.

Many parents are surprised by how difficult it is to wake a sleeping toddler. Even if the baby is howling, you may well find that the older sibling carries on sleeping right through the disturbance. Give it a go – most likely you will be pleasantly surprised.


Solve toddler sleep problems

My three-year-old wakes up in the night terrified and talking of monsters. How to deal with it?

Nightmares are common at this age – just listen, reassure him and stay with him until he calms down. He won’t yet understand the difference between dreams and reality, so don’t try to offer a rational explanation. Night terrors are different – the child appears to awake suddenly and is very distressed but isn’t actually awake and has no memory of it when they wake up properly. Just wait until it passes without waking him up.


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