Toddler behaviour advice

Our health visitor helps your tackle sibling rivalry and shy tots with her useful tips


Tackling sibling rivalry

  • Ignore squabbles and leave the room. Things generally settle quicker without an audience.
  • Focus on a solution. If you do have to intervene, don’t ask who did what.
  • Encourage turn taking using an egg timer. It gives a really easy-to-understand option.
  • Keep precious toys in individual boxes. Everything else is fair game.
  • Use family reward charts. An incentive for being kind, sharing and helpful can encourage everyone to work together for a family treat.

Coping with winter days

  • Get out every day, even if it’s cold and rainy. A change of scenery is good for everyone.
  • Plan regular changes of activity to break up your day. Mix up floor play with story time and painting.
  • Share childcare with a friend so each of you gets a break.
  • Visit your local toddler groups (check where these are using our Neighbourhood section). They’re a great way for both of you to make new friends.
  • Stick to healthy comfort foods, rather than sugary treats, to help fight winter bugs.

Tips to boost your tot’s self esteem

  • Actions speak louder than words. Cuddles and hugs are daily reminders that your toddler is loved.
  • Praise efforts, not just achievements. This will encourage her to try again.
  • Reward her with time spent together. Your attention will mean far more than any toy or sweet.
  • Have your own family rituals. Friday story nights or special Sunday walks help build a sense of belonging.
  • Let her make mistakes. Reassure her that everyone slips up sometimes and it’ll be different next time she tries.

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