Toddler speech advice from mums

Sometimes your toddler may need more encouragement than others to get talking. Read our mums tips to know that you’re not alone…


For encouraging speech

“To help your toddler talk, don’t speak to him in baby language – if he can’t pronounce a word properly and you repeat it, he’ll think it’s right. Try to correct your child if he pronounces things incorrectly but in a positive way and give lots of praise when he learns new words.”


Holly Fowler, 20, from Liverpool, mum to Louis, 17 months

For helping speech

“I get down to Olivia’s level when I’m talking to her so it encourages her to get involved. Keeping a running commentary of what we’re doing and what we’re looking at helps too. Singing songs and repeating new words as she discovers them is putting her right on track as a confident chatterer.”

Jo Hughes, 30, from Devon, mum to Olivia, 2, and Jasmine, 6 months

For helping a stutterer

“Ethan has a mild stutter, which he often gets upset about. I’ve found the best thing to do is give him my full attention as he will get there in his own time. As soon as he’s eventually managed to say what he wanted, I repeat it back, but I make sure that I never complete his sentences for him.”

Sarah Briggs, 31, from Essex, mum to Ethan, 3½, and 19 weeks pregnant

For encouraging chatting skills

“Since she was a baby, I’ve always chatted to Zoë at bedtime about our day together, going over what we’ve done, where we’ve been and who we’ve seen. We still do it now, and she chats so much that I often end up having to tell her it’s time for sleep, not time for talking!”


Wendy Parker, 37, from Hampton, mum to Zoë, 22 months

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