Welcome to Wee Can Do This: Potty training together

Join in our 6-week potty training plan to share the highs, lows and wet bits with other mums and our Potty Lady expert Amanda Jenner


We know potty training can be a challenge. But it can also be a time when you feel you’re doing all this on your own. Although we love to share stories of our children and their latest ups and downs, let’s face it, not everyone feels so comfortable swapping poo and wee anecdotes. 


There can be potty pressure too; I remember feeling envious every time a friend announced their child was now in pants, while mine still had that tell-tale nappy bulge under his trousers. 

We want you to realise you’re not alone in tackling this very important stage of development. That’s why we’ve launched our Wee Can Do This campaign with expert Amanda Jenner (aka The Potty Lady), giving all of us access to a wealth of resources, help, advice and friendship

We’ve got all the info and tools you need to train your little one to use the potty and then move on to the toilet. We’ll bring you…

  • week-by-week training plan 
  • checklists and fact sheets
  • success certificates
  • reward chart
  • regular ‘Ask the Expert’ Q&As with the Potty Lady herself, Amanda Jenner 

Our expert, Amanda Jenner, is the MD of the multi award-winning company My Carry Potty and is keen to help all parents facing toilet challenges. 

“Potty training can be stressful.  I know that all too well from my own experiences and from sharing the experiences of the hundreds of parents who get in touch with me each year because they’re finding this stage of their child’s development really challenging.  But with the right approach, support and expectations and above all with a healthy dose of humour, potty training can be simple, first time successful and yes, even fun.  I’m really excited about teaming up with MadeForMums.com to launch this very much needed campaign.  Sign up to Team WCDT today because together Wee Can Do This!”

For starters, Amanda’s shared five top tips for to get you on the starting blocks to successful potty training:

  1. Look for the signs: can your child follow simple instructions & is becoming more independent?
  2. Timing: when’s the best time for you and your child – probably not when moving or when a new baby arrives
  3. Choosing the potty: Make it fun and let your child choose the potty and pants!
  4. Routine: keep a strict routine and don’t forget to remind your child to go
  5. Reward: keep little ones motivated with stickers, charts, treat and praise and remember to be patient!

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